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Duane Lee Chapman, aka Dog the Bounty Hunter, has discovered love again ~ the fatality of his wife, Beth Chapman.

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ET deserve to confirm the the 67-year-old fact star is engaged to his girlfriend, Francie Frane, who he went Instagram main with in April.

A rep because that Chapman tells ET, "They"re an extremely happy and looking front to a long life together."

In one interview with The Sun, Chapman said he was even considering inviting fans to their wedding, which he claimed will take place after society distancing limitations ease up because of the coronavirus pandemic.

"So we"re native negotiating ideal now since I want to open up it up," he told the brother outlet around his upcoming nuptials. "I would certainly love to have actually the biggest wedding there"s ever before been. I"m sorry but that"s simply me. Ns hope I deserve to talk Francie right into it and also open it to mine fans, the "Dog Pound," come everybody.

"It would be one hell of a party and also it"s simply what human being need right now," he continued. "I said Francie, people,they need a little love after gift locked down. I love the idea that that."

Frane, 51, likewise shared just how Chapman popped the question, which occurred at his home in Colorado, wherein they"ve been quarantining together. She stated she was surprised by the proposal.

"I think I had actually gone to choose up some food and also then when I came back, he had actually all the lamp turned down with simply a few lights on and a bunch of candles lit," she shared. "So as soon as I come in i was like, "Wow, this is awesome". Then he said, "Come in, sit down because I should talk come you". Therefore I placed all the food in the kitchen and I come in and he said, "I recognize that God lugged you into my life and I don"t desire to spend one minute of it there is no you.""

"And he got down ~ above one knee and he opened the ring box and he said, "Will you marry me and spend the remainder of our resides together?"" she continued. "Who deserve to say no come that? It was wonderful."

ET has actually reached the end to Chapman"s rep because that comment.

Chapman"s 5th wife, Beth, died in June 2019 ~ a battle with throat cancer. The two were married because that 13 years. In September, Chapman told ET the he had actually no to plan to ever before marry again.

"They"re no really my girlfriends," he claimed of women he had been photographed with. "I"m not saying I"m no gonna have one, "cause ns will, I"m no gonna acquire married."

He claimed that he and Beth disputed him relocating on romantically, and also she told the to never take her surname off his chest or tie the knot with someone else. "There will never be an additional Mrs. Dog," he said at time, adding that that wasn"t sure just how long it would be prior to he pursued a significant relationship.

"Each religion, as I look come God for answers, has a various answer. I am therefore lonely," that shared.

When ET spoke through Chapman in February, he to be still greatly mourning his beloved so late wife.

"Oh, I miss her," the said. "Eight months, that"s the worst part, the seems favor yesterday and also they to speak "time heals every wounds." No, that doesn’t."

At the time, the told ET that he wasn"t dating anyone, yet that it to be "almost time" to start in search of a partner.

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"I deserve to maybe walk out v a girl and also eat and also date a little, if that"s a date?" he mused. "Where, how, do you day today? I"ve forgotten!"

Chapman likewise told ET about his kids" reaction to him perhaps dating again, particularly after his shocking proposal to his longtime assistant, Moon Angell, which he later said was fake.

"Well, the girl are really upset since of other girls I"d be looking at," that said. "Or they might say, "Dad, they just like you since you are Dog the Bounty Hunter. Castle don"t favor you since you are Dwayne or Dad." The boys are like, "Dad, you know, if friend love them, if you prefer them, we room for friend or every little thing you decide.""

Watch the video clip below because that more:

Dog the Bounty Hunter clears Up Rumors about Proposal come Longtime Assistant (Exclusive)

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