We’ve barely ever seen Carl Dean throughout his 50-year marriage to Dolly Parton, but apparently, points aren’t walk well for the longtime pair behind closed doors. Follow to Star magazine, the duo may be headed because that a $500 million divorce.

Dolly has actually been vocal in the past around how she husband likes to remain out of the public eye, which could maybe be why things from them are headed in the not correct direction. “Carl is very traditional, and while he accepts Dolly’s relentless touring and appearances to encourage herself, over there are details things the can’t tolerate,” one insider called the news outlet. 

“He’s turn a blind eye come so lot over the last 50 years,” the resource added. “Affairs of the heart and also — if the rumors are believed — the the flesh, too. Dolly’s constantly been a flirt and also he’s never liked seeing her cozy up to co-stars.”


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In her book, Dolly top top Dolly, Interviews and also Encounters v Dolly Parton, the nation star actually admitted come her very own indiscretions. “I prospered up about macho men and have had my lover that space that macho type,” she revealed. “I’m kinda attracted to that.” She likewise confessed to one “affair of the heart, which “just about killed .”

However, she’s likewise expressed in the past that she doesn’t problem too much around Carl’s behavior. “I don’t gain jealous. It never ever crosses mine mind. And also if go something, I never ever want to know,” she once said. Interesting…

Although rumors are saying Dolly can soon it is in a single woman, she when revealed she’d never ever actually leave Carl. “There’s no means in heaven’s name the I can ever leaving Carl,” Dolly once shared. “He’s just the funniest, wittiest male in the world. She included that she fell for “his honesty.

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His decency. The way he lets me it is in free.”

However, if Carl end up leaving Dolly instead, “he’d certainly have a claim on his hands for a chunk of her fortune.” Yikes!