What"s the truth around Dolly Parton and also Kenny Rogers" relationship? when it involves country music, few stars are an ext iconic 보다 Dolly Parton. Known for her substantial mass of blonde hair, she unforgettable attractive tunes, and her incredible rags-to-riches story, it"s easy to check out why Parton has actually racked up such an outstanding collection of fans over the years. 

As any kind of true Dolly Parton pan know, the singer fan a huge part of her success to she long-time collaboration partner and also friend, Kenny Rogers, a hugely effective musician and actor in his own right. Since their fated meeting in in the "70s, Rogers and also Parton have collaborated ~ above a series of duets, and have showed up on phase together top top dozens of occasions. Your undeniable chemistry has regularly been the subject of romantic rumors, also though the pair constantly denied being anything much more than friends. There"s a factor that Dolly Parton and also Kenny Rogers never dated, together it transforms out.

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Curious to learn an ext about what yes, really went on between this legendary music duo? below is the truth around the decades-long relationship in between Dolly Parton and also Kenny Rogers.

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Long before Dolly Parton — who"s gone through a stunning transformation — and also Kenny Rogers were a classic country music duo, they were merely solo artist at the beginning of your burgeoning careers. The pair an initial met in the "70s, when Parton was headlining a television present called Dolly

As Rogers defined in his 2012 autobiography Luck or Something prefer It, he was invited to show up on Parton"s show in the "70s. However, the pair didn"t precisely hit it turn off immediately. "I would choose to say that we became immediate friends, but we didn"t," Rogers wrote. "I was just an additional guest in the mix the her very busy schedule" (via The Atlantic). 

By the sounds of things, the iconic duo didn"t really have a opportunity to acquire to know each other in their initial meeting. As it turns out, they could have never ever collaborated at all if it hadn"t been for among the punishment Gees bringing them with each other to song "Islands in the Stream" much later on in 1983!

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The second meeting between Kenny Rogers and also Dolly Parton was in reality the real start to your relationship. It every started as soon as Rogers inquiry Barry Gibb of bee Gees reputation to produce his 1983 album. Rogers was struggling during the recording of "Islands in the Stream." together he described in his memoir Luck or Something like It, "I had worked on the track with Barry because that at least 4 days, something ns was not supplied to doing. I finally told him ns didn"t also like the track anymore," (via The Atlantic). Apparently, Gibb immediately suggested that they rotate the song into a duet by pass in Dolly Parton.

Luckily enough, Parton happened to be in the very same studio top top the same day. "She come marching into the room, and also once she came in and started singing, the tune was never ever the same," Rogers defined to People (via The Washington Post). The duet became a enormous hit, and went on to end up being one the the best-known nation duets of every time (via Billboard). No wonder the was one of Kenny Rogers" favourite songs he ever did.

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Throughout the countless years of your friendship, Dolly Parton and also Kenny Rogers have actually stayed quite close. In fact, the pair have seemingly always been as thick as thieves. In the so late "80s, Rogers do an figure on Parton"s show, Dolly, and the pair debated the countless similarities that have actually helped to store them friends for so long. "I think among the things that affect a relationship once you"re working v someone is your upbringing and also your background," Rogers explained. 

Rogers go on to share the both singers had been through similar struggles to with success in the music sector when they were young. He climate added, "I think our spiritual backgrounds space the same, and also our family members orientation is the same, so i think it gives us a lot of of usual denominators to attract on for our friendship." 

Rogers additionally called Parton a "special person," and also said that she rectal a special location in his heart. Awww!

Dolly Parton and also Kenny Rogers mutual this touching moment while recording their last duet, "You Can't make Old Friends"

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After decades of friendship and also collaboration, Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers taped their final duet in 2013. In 2017, Rogers speak to Southern Living around the experience of recording the song; apparently, something extremely touching happened in the studio. Rogers described how he looked up throughout the recording, and also noticed that Parton had actually left her ar in the studio and had come as much as his microphone. "She placed her arms roughly my neck and she said, "Kenny ns think you need to know, I might never song at your funeral,"" Rogers recalled. Naturally, Rogers to be a small taken aback by the morbid comment!

Nevertheless, Rogers referred to as the minute his favorite storage of his friend. "I love she for that," that gushed. "You never recognize she"s going to say, yet it always comes native love." Talk about a touching, meaningful moment — no wonder Rogers held the remarkable memory so close come his heart!

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Like most country music stars, Dolly Parton and also Kenny Rogers spent a lot of time top top the roadway throughout their careers. As their partnership became much more and an ext popular, the duo started to tour together. It to be on these trips the Parton and Rogers" friendship truly solidified. "We"d eat, cave out, and we uncovered we really chosen each other," Parton recalled in an interview with People. She likewise shared that their particular band members all gained along well with each other too. "Everybody was choose family," she gushed. "Kenny was always like a loved one to me." just how adorable!

When Rogers appeared on Parton"s show, Dolly, in the "80s, the 2 reminisced around a recent pilgrimage to Australia. Parton dubbed it "one that the best times I"ve ever before had in mine life." Rogers climate revealed the he tended to wake up up beforehand to take photos, if Parton would sleep in till the early on afternoon. 

Despite your differing schedules, it"s apparent that the pair had good synergy when they were on the road! 

One thing"s for particular about Dolly Parton and also Kenny Rogers" relationship: the pair always had fun as soon as they to be together. Whether they to be performing live on stage, or were being filmed in rehearsals, they were constantly laughing and teasing one another. Their distinctive relationship was due in component to just how comfortable lock evidently feel in each other"s company. Together Parton when explained, she used to take a seriously playful tone through her girlfriend (via Biography). "I was constantly such a feisty tiny thing and I was constantly doing stuff backstage or onstage," she explained. "You know, pinch that on the target or whatever."

Anyone who"s watched the pair in one of their numerous performances or interviews can attest that Parton"s playfulness definitely shines through. Whether she"s making funny gestures, play-slapping his hand away, or bumping him with her rear end, you deserve to tell Parton love egging Rogers on.

Dolly Parton and also Kenny Rogers' chemistry was undeniable on stage -- and also fans could not gain enough

It"s difficult to discuss Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers" relationship without discussing what do them famous: their significant chemistry! the town hall these 2 on stage, girlfriend can"t assist but think they to be born to work together. In 2012, Rogers speak to CBS News about what do their partnership so one-of-a-kind for fans. "I think what we had was a real chemistry and also we loved human being talking around it," that said.

And people definitely did talk around it! together Deseret detailed in 1990, their electric chemistry throughout an "80s concert to be "as if the two had actually been married for years." Apparently, lock "anticipated every other"s moves and also understood each other"s strengths and also weaknesses," choose an old married couple. It renders you wonder what Kenny Rogers" ex-wife had to say about Dolly Parton!

Parton summed it up ideal in the "You Can"t do Old Friends" music video: "There was just something about mine and Kenny"s chemistry through each other, our friendship, world really sensed what us really feel." No wonder civilization couldn"t get sufficient of watching these two execute together.

Dolly Parton and also Kenny Rogers" last duet was a touching, heartfelt song around an old friendship referred to as "You Can"t do Old Friends." In the song, Parton and also Rogers sing around what life would certainly be choose if the various other was gone. 

"You Can"t do Old Friends" to be co-written by Don Schlitz, Ryan Hanna King, and Caitlin Smith. According to The Boot, Rogers asked Schlitz to create the tune for him and also Parton to sing. Together Schlitz explained, the track is "obviously an extremely meaningful because that the 2 of them."

At the finish of the music video for "You Can"t do Old Friends," Rogers explained that they had "connected personally" doing this duet. ~ all, many of their previous duets had actually a romantic feel, while this last duet was around a meaningful and long friendship. Parton climate added, "We got to perform this tune that fits so many people and also certainly fits us." What a sweet and incredibly important publication end for their lengthy journey together a music duo.

Professionally speaking, Dolly Parton and also Kenny Rogers had a hugely successful partnership. After their very first duet, "Islands in the Stream," was released in 1983, it reached No. 1 on the hot 100 list, according to Billboard. They walk on to record dozens of various other songs together, including "Real Love" in 1985, i m sorry peaked at No. 13 top top the charts. The pair even recorded a joint Christmas album in 1984 (via A Taste of Country)! It"s clear the their working relationship just, well, worked.

Parton and also Rogers spoke around their favourite songs native their lengthy career in a video clip interview. Parton mentioned "You Can"t make Old Friends," due to the fact that of how an individual it to be to them together a pair. She additionally reminisced about the time lock sang, "I Will always Love You" together. However, both agreed the "Islands in the Stream" hold the many memories because that them both. Us can"t say we blame castle for having actually a difficult time picking just one favorite song! However, Dolly Parton does have actually a favorite song she wrote.

In 2017, Kenny Rogers lastly said goodbye to the music industry, offering one last tour prior to retirement. As A Taste of Country reported, Dolly Parton was, that course, current for the farewell tour. Apparently, Rogers was experiencing from ache in his knees and other ailments throughout the show, and Parton was there to support him both physically and emotionally.

In a clip indigenous the concert, you can see that Parton was eager to provide Rogers the send off he deserved — while tho teasing him together usual! "How around a hand for this male right here, is he no something!" she screamed together they entered the stage. She later on said, "Kenny, the course, claims he"s retiring." She then playfully added, "I desire to check out what problem your condition is yes, really in. He looks great to me!" 

Just looking in ~ Rogers" loving smiles as Parton speaks, it"s crystal clear the he seriously appreciated having actually her there for his last few shows.

Dolly Parton and also Kenny Rogers always firmly denied rumors that romance. However, in a 2020 Closer Weekly interview with Marianne Gordon, Kenny Rogers" ex-wife opened up up about Dolly Parton, sharing brand-new details about their relationship.

Gordon and Rogers were with each other for 16 years, till their divorce in 1997. And also while Gordon described that she was never ever worried about Parton and Rogers ending up being romantically involved, she revealed the she assumed that Parton may have actually made a relocate at one point. "It"s gotten in my mind," she explained, "because she constantly said she thought prefer a man." probably that masculine power is one the the factors Dolly Parton never had kids.

Gordon go on to explain that Rogers had been open about his feelings and intentions at the time. "He sincerely felt they, , had a cute point going," Gordon said, "and if something happened in between them, they"d destroy that."

Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers have never been much more than girlfriend -- but they did engage in part "harmless flirting"

Almost every Dolly Parton and also Kenny Rogers fan has actually probably wonder if the famous country music singers were ever before an item. After all, the pair have actually been request in lot of of interviews around whether your friendship has ever blossomed right into something more. And while they"ve constantly denied the speculations, they have actually admitted to indulging in rather a most flirting over the years.

The pair spoke to Today in 2017 around why a romance never ever happened. "I"m a believer that stress is far better if you keep it than if you fulfill it," Rogers explained. Then Parton chimed in, saying, "We were virtually like brother and also sister, and it would practically be favor incest." In a later on interview with Today, Rogers said that while they didn"t have an affair, lock "just flirted with each other for 30 years." He described that that was much more fun!

Plus, both singers had actually pretty eventful love resides of their own. Rogers has actually been married 5 times, while Parton has actually been married come Carl Dean for decades (via People). What"s the genuine reason you never ever see Dolly Parton"s husband, anyway?

It"s pretty evident that there to be a entirety lot that love in between Dolly Parton and also Kenny Rogers. In fact, even though the pair were never ever romantically involved, they quiet regard each other as soulmates. "Kenny"s friendship means more to me 보다 our fight records," Parton said AskAnythingChat in 2017. "Actually, we"re type of like little soulmates." 

Rogers additionally feels the same was the Parton does about their connection. In the duo"s "You Can"t do Old Friends" music video, he referred to themselves together "soul partners." Parton explained, "There are various kinds the soulmates."

When Rogers showed up on the Bobby skeleton Show, he told a funny story about how their unique friendship worked. He explained that the pair can go 3 years there is no seeing every other, and pick up right where lock left off once the reconnected. However, Rogers didn"t recognize Parton"s call number or email; instead, the pair communicated solely by fax, many thanks to Parton"s choice for the medium. What a seriously adorable friendship!

Sadly, Kenny Rogers passed away in 2020, follow to a statement indigenous his representative derived by Rolling Stone. Naturally, it was no surprised that his old girlfriend Dolly Parton to be heartbroken by his death. She posted a touching tribute to her longtime collaborator ~ above Twitter, writing, "You never know how much friend love somebody till they"re gone...I loved him together a wonderful man and also a true friend." In the tearful video clip that attach the text, she said, "My heart"s broken, and also a large old chunk of it has gone with him today." We"re so sorry for her loss, Dolly.

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A few days later, Parton spoke to Today about his passing. She described that the news shook her, and also left her feeling very emotional for several days. However, she also shared, "I"ve type of placed it in a tranquil place, discovering that he"s at peace....I"ll constantly miss him, however I"ll always treasure what we had together." us think it"s safe to to speak that all of their fans feel the same way.