Family is a huge influence ~ above Dolly Parton’s life. She has opened up about how her family members inspired she to pursue her career. Yet the legendary songwriter has likewise opened up about the hard times she had cultivation up consisting of being crushed by the lose of her infant at a young age.

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Dolly Parton has actually 11 siblings


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The Queen of country lived in Locust Ridge, Tennessee v her huge family. Her parents to be Avie Lee and Robert Lee Parton, and also they had actually 12 youngsters total.

She to be born in 1946 and has an exciting story about her birth. “Mama to be having problems with me, for this reason Daddy had to run out and get (the doctor),” she said, follow to USA Today. “They came ago on horseback and also Daddy paid him through a sack of cornmeal, and I’ve constantly joked and said the I’ve to be raking in the dough ever before since.”

She has actually even an ext interesting stories about growing up with them. Parton stated they would certainly bathe with soap lock made themselves in an interview with empty on Blank. In the summer, they would certainly bathe in a river, and also in the winter they’d usage a pan of water come wash.

“Well, once I remained in high school you recognize that to be a big deal,” she said. “I had to take it a bathtub every night to be clean since the children peed ~ above me every night. And we every slept together. There were so many of us.”

She claimed there would be as numerous as four people in a bed. Parton additionally opened up about a tragic loss she proficient at a young age.

She to be crushed through the ns of ‘her baby’

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The singer talked about the dynamic that her huge family farming up. Because her mom had plenty of kids, she had actually them re-publishing the job-related of raising them.

“There were so plenty of of united state that we, each older one, had to take treatment of the others,” Parton stated on Home & Family. “Mom was just having one baby. Over there was only 18 months to two years distinction in ours ages. So as the youngsters started multiplying mommy would say, ‘Well this one’s going come be your baby.’” 

This meant you had to assist out more by fixing the bottle, go the baby, and naming the baby. “The one that momma shed was walk to it is in my baby and I was so excited,” she said. The singer to be 9 years old at the time and also said the loss “crushed” her and her mother.

She named the infant Larry. Parton claimed her mother got in a “deep depression” ~ the death. Parton was likewise depressed and stopped singing.

The legend still gets emotionally talking around it. However she did have actually this story called in the movie, Coat of plenty of Colors.

Her household was her musical inspiration

Hey, good lookin

— Dolly Parton (
DollyParton) February 16, 2021

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Parton’s family continues to be the source of inspiration for she art. She stated her aunts, uncles, and mother motivated her cultivation up. Her mom was a singer who also played instruments.

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Parton has additionally credited rose Maddox and also Kitty Wells together inspirations. Many of her siblings have additionally gone ~ above to have their own singing careers.