Dolly Partonset a score for she 75th birthday (Jan. 19, 2021): a return to the cover of Playboy Magazine. A small over 6 months later, she delivered an altered version of her promise for she husband Carl Dean"s birthday (and because that #HotGirlSummer).

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"Remember sometime back I said I was going to pose on the Playboy magazine as soon as I was 75? well I"m 75 and also they don"t have actually a newspaper anymore," Parton states in the video clip below.

Parton dusted off her bunny outfit for a unique someone who"s in which method dodged the public eye in spite of being married because that over half a century to one of the most beloved and also visible celebrities ~ above Earth.

He still think I"m a warm chick ~ 57 years and I"m no going to try and talk him the end of that," Parton adds. "And i hope that agrees. What perform you think?"

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In a 2020 interview on the Scott Mills & kris Stark Show on BBC Radio 5, Parton claimed she"d remained in talks through the magazine.

"I just might do it. If I can do it in an excellent taste and also they <Playboy> desire it, we"ll execute it together with a really an excellent interview inside," Parton said. "So, yeah, it"s possible. Yep, we"ve talked about it."

Parton very first expressed interest in a return to the magazine"s cover earlier in 2020.

"I don"t setup to retire. I simply turned 74 and I setup to it is in on the covering ofPlayboyMagazine again," Parton told 60 minute Australia."See, i did Playboy Magazine years ago, and I assumed it"d be together a hoot if they"ll walk for the -- i don"t recognize if they will certainly -- if I could be ~ above the covering again once I"m 75."

In November 2020, a representative of Playboy called TMZ that the door"s open for Parton if she"s quiet interested in a cover shoot.

Parton became the very first country singer to become a Playboy cover version in October 1978. The cover photograph shoot supported an in-depth post on her career, not that month"s centerfold.

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"I have actually been asked, back in the day, however that was so totally not me," she claims on nudity, as shared on she website. "I would never ever do that... But that was a great article they ran in there, and it was simply a fun point to do. That was simply another method I to be trying to sector myself, at that time, come kinda acquire in the mainstream..."

When inquiry if she"d undertake the very same outfit, Parton employed her signature charm, speak she likely can use it because "boobs room still the same."

If Parton graces the sheathe of Playboy at age 75, she"ll be the second oldest mrs to pose because that the lifestyle magazine. Last December, 77-year-old Victoria Valentino was among the playmates returning for an Equality worry photoshoot.

Dolly Parton in the "70s

Les Paul, right, and Chet Atkins, left, are presented Grammies by Dolly Parton and Freddie Fender, 2nd from right, at 19th yearly Grammy Awards, Feb. 19, 1977 in Los Angeles. (AP Photo/George Brich)

"I"ve had about all the nips and also tucks I can have," Parton added around maintaining she iconic look. "The an excellent part through me though, I have my own look. Ns look sort of cartoonish and cartoons don"t really age that much."