(FOX CAROLINA) -- Pigeon build Guide has actually pranked their readers because that April Fool"s Day, through a fake push release claiming Kanye West bought the Dollywood Park in Tennessee. 

The critically acclaimed artist required to Twitter come announce the news, share a attach to the official press release v the text, “Y’all prepared for YEEZYWOOD???”

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According come the false press release, the popular theme park in Pigeon Forge, TN will transition from Dollywood come Yeezywood in the feather of 2020.

West will additionally assume manage of Dollywood’s Splash Country, the waterpark located adjacent to Dollywood, which will be rebranded as Ye’s Splash Pad. If the main announcement did no disclose the jae won details that the deal, the Knoxville News Sentinel is reporting the West paid $130 million because that both the template park and also waterpark via his agency DONDA.

As in-depth in the false press release, Kanye West has actually ambitious plans because that his new venture in Pigeon Forge. The 21-time Grammy winner said the media,

“Yeezywood is going to it is in the many incredible layout park on the planet. Period. It’s going come be choose Willy Wonka and space Jam had actually a baby that was injected with raw plutonium. The going to it is in a spiritual experience. People will literally never sleep again after lock leave. We’re going to burn Disney human being to the ground.”

At the end of the fake press release, the authors finally admitted come the hoax: 

This entire story has actually been one April Fools’ job joke! You can breathe a big sigh the relief; Dolly Parton has no plans to sell Dollywood come Kanye West (or any kind of other celebrities). The South’s favorite template park is perfect simply the means it is.

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Plus, no one can contend with Dolly. If this write-up has obtained you in the mood come visit Dollywood, be sure to click below for Dollywood coupons and also discounts!