Last night he hosted a scriptures in former of St John's Episcopal Church, just throughout the road from the White House. Today, he'll visit the Shrine come St man Paul II, additionally in Washington DC.

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But us President Donald Trump's signalling of spiritual affiliation has not been invited by a variety of clerics together the country struggles to control the twin challenges of a pandemic and also widespread political protest.

The Episcopal Bishop of Washington, the right Reverend Mariann Budde, said: "The president just used a Bible, the most sacred message of the Judeo-Christian tradition, and also one the the church of my diocese, without permission, together a backdrop for a post antithetical to the teachings the Jesus."

James Martin, a Jesuit priest and also consultant come the Vatican's interactions department, tweeted: "Let me it is in clear. This is revolting. The bible is no a prop. A church is no a picture op. Religious beliefs is no a politics tool. God is not your plaything."

Let me it is in clear. This is revolting. The scriptures is not a prop. A church is no a photograph op. Religious beliefs is not a political tool. God is no your plaything.

— James Martin, SJ (

Rabbi Jack Moline, president of the Interfaith Alliance, said: "Seeing chairman Trump stand in prior of St John's Episcopal Church if holding a holy bible in an answer to calls for racial justice - appropriate after utilizing military pressure to clear serene protesters - is just one of the many flagrant misuses of religious beliefs that i have ever seen."

President trumped does not belong to a certain congregation, only occasionally attends a service and also has said countless times the he go not prefer to ask God because that forgiveness.

But when he may not think about church important to his personal life, it might yet organize the keys to his politics future.

In 2016, grandfather Trump won 81% of white evangelical votes and exit polls found that white Catholics supported him end Hillary Clinton through 60% come 37%.

Mr Trump's status, together the champion that evangelical and conservative voters, have the right to seem peculiar given his usage of divisive rhetoric, his 3 marriages, accusations the sexual assault by dozens of women, the hush-money payment to a pornographic movie actress, and the record of false explanation made throughout his presidency - much more than 18,000 follow to the Poynter Institute's Politifact website.

But he has sealed a powerful bond with spiritual voters through embracing your political priorities and also appointing two Supreme Court judge - Brett Kavanaugh and also Neil Gorsuch - and federal judges v their support.

This may define why - though an irregular congregant self - the president has repeatedly inquiry the reopening of churches, saying, ~ above 22 May, "If they don't execute it, I will certainly override the governors."

Religious conservatives show up to be the many solid core of mr Trump's voter base, despite political unrest and also the vast variety of deaths indigenous Covid-19.

According to the recent Pew research study Poll, 75% the white evangelical Protestants speak he's law a an excellent job in handling the pandemic - down 6 portion points from 6 weeks before.

But when one vote bloc stays faithful, the country at large is deeply divided. According to analysis by the website FiveThirtyEight, i m sorry collates all polling data, 43% of american agree with the president's managing of the coronavirus pandemic, if 53.4% disapprove.

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Several religious leaders room hoping that Trump's visit to the shrine might encourage him to reflect on the native of climate Pope john Paul II, delivered to the United nations in 1995.

"The answer come the are afraid which darkens human visibility at the end of the 20th Century," that said, "is the usual effort to build the people of love."