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Once again, a comment by Donald trump card has come to be a suggest of contention in a presidential debate. This time, it revolved around remarks trump card made virtually a year ago about a disabled reporter.

At one suggest in the 3rd presidential debate in ras Vegas, Hillary Clinton said, "He likewise went after ~ a disabled reporter, mocked and mimicked that on national television."

Trump interrupted, "Wrong."

So who’s right? here’s the background, which we have looked in ~ before.

At in ~ a campaign rally in south Carolina on Nov. 24, 2015, Trump referred to New York Times reporter Serge Kovaleski. At the time, Trump was taking heat for his commonly debunked cases that that watched in Jersey City, N.J., together "thousands and thousands of human being were cheering" the collapse of the human being Trade facility following the Sept. 11, 2001, terror attacks.

To protect this account, Trump quote a Sept. 18, 2001, story co-written by Kovaleski, who was a Washington Post reporter at the time. Close to the bottom that the story, the Post reporters created that "law enforcement authorities detained and also questioned a variety of people that were allegedly viewed celebrating the attacks and holding tailgate-style parties on rooftops while lock watched the devastation ~ above the various other side that the river."

However, the reporters can not verify the celebrations in reality occurred, as Kovaleski later explained.

"I absolutely do no remember everyone saying the thousands or even hundreds of civilization were celebrating. The was not the case, as ideal as I can remember," Kovaleski said the Washington post Fact Checker in November 2015. Remember, Kovaleski composed that "a number of people" -- not thousands -- to be allegedly checked out celebrating.

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At the rally whereby he discussed Kovaleski, trump said, "You gotta view this guy" and wildly flailed his arms, his appropriate hand flopping in ~ an strange angle together he shouted in a weird, agitated voice: "Ahh, ns don’t understand what ns said! Ahh, ns don’t remember!"

Kovaleski has actually arthrogryposis, a congenital problem which boundaries the activity of his joints and has left his ideal hand high solution angled at the wrist. Kovaleski speaks with a normal voice and also doesn"t wave his arms around. (Watch a video clip of the talking about his ground-breaking report on the murder cases against former new England Patriots star Aaron Hernandez.)

Many observers take it Trump’s comments and also motions as mocking Kovaleski. The New York Times rebuked trump card in a statement: "We think it"s outrageous the he would ridicule the appearance of one of our reporters." and people who share Kovaleski’s condition -- formally known as arthrogryposis multiplex congenita, or AMC -- and their households launched a society media campaign with the hashtag "AMCStrong."

Julie Reiskin, executive director the the Colorado Cross-Disability Coalition, an advocacy group, said that trump card "clearly was mocking his disability. The was very, very obvious, because he disagrees through all kinds of human being at various other times, and also he doesn"t use that voice or wave his arms favor that." (Reiskin claimed she was giving her view since her nonprofit team can"t endorse or oppose candidates.)

Reiskin said such habits by trump card "portrays human being with disabilities together incompetent. The if friend can"t manage your decided or part of her body the you"re not competent, which is an extremely destructive" to the picture of disabled people facing stereotypes and discrimination, she added.

But Trump denied it. That tweeted, "Clinton do a false ad around me whereby I was imitating a reporter GROVELING after ~ he adjusted his story. Ns would never ever mock disabled. Shame!"