On January 8th 2021, Twitter determined to permanently suspend Donald Trump’s Twitter account. If you desire to analyze the affect of the suspension you can create a Twitter Report. Trump’s task before the suspension:

59,553 Tweets and also Retweets46,919 Tweets (Original tweets)12,634 Retweets88,936,841 Followers51 Following389,842,552 Retweets received1,659,180,779 Likes receivedMarch 18th 2009 Opened his Twitter accountMay fourth 2009 Sent his first TweetTwitter for iPhone Favorite tool to tweet (17,260 tweets sent)“Tonight,
FLOTUS and also I tested optimistic for COVID-19. Us will begin our quarantine and recovery process immediately. We will acquire through this TOGETHER!” Most retweeted tweet (416,342 retweets) October 11th 2020“To all of those who have asked, I will not it is in going to the Inauguration ~ above January 20th.” last tweet sent out January, 8 hours 2021“45th president of the United claims of America
Last Twitter Bio
This is just how the Twitter file of Donald trump card is looking after the suspension

Before the suspension he had actually tweeted:

“The 75,000,000 an excellent American Patriots who voted for me, AMERICA FIRST, and MAKE AMERICA an excellent AGAIN, will have actually a gigantic VOICE long right into the future. They will certainly not it is in disrespected or cure unfairly in any type of way, shape or form!!!”

Twitter took this measure after the tweets native the previous President and also the attack come the Capitol. That is amazing how the mentions come Donald Trump hit a preferably even throughout a month whereby he was discussed a lot of on Twitter. 16M and 17M tweets per day:

These room the mentions that Donal Trump because Dec 12th 2020 till Jan ninth 2021. The peak throughout the strike to the Capitol is remarkable.

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Analyze Trump’s Twitter activity

This is the tweet through Twitter announcing the suspension that Trump’s Twitter account:

After close evaluation of recent Tweets indigenous the
realDonaldTrump account and also the context roughly them we have permanently exposed the account as result of the hazard of further incitement that violence.

— Twitter security (
TwitterSafety) January 8, 2021

Donald trump Twitter: exactly how did the previous President use Twitter?

Donald Trump’s tweets to be a an excellent way to understand what the former President was thinking, what he to be doing or thinking about to do. Constantly that Donald Trump used Twitter a newspaper wrote a brand-new article. They were additionally a great source that conflict and controversy, just read the replies to any kind of tweet that sent. Us analyzed every tweet sent by Donald Trump due to the fact that he became the chairman of the United states of America (and before) to see how he offered Twitter. Have the right to you imagine doing a hashtag tracking of every the hashtags he posted?

Get a Twitter historic report to analyze Trump tweets.

Donald trump card 2,021 Twitter activity

The first days the 2,021 Donald Trump increased his Twitter activity. Trumped shared almost 150 tweets due to the fact that the start of the new year. Most of the tweets he common were initial tweets and all of them where sent from iPhone. This are few of the Twitter data us have obtained with ours Twitter analysis tool.

realdonaldtrump 2021" width="1062" height="516" srcset=" 1390w, 300w, 1024w, 768w" sizes="(max-width: 1062px) 100vw, 1062px" />Tweet Binder Twitter report for
realdonaldtrump tweets in 2021

In addition, this to be his many most retweeted tweet this year:

And this tweet was the many expensive tweet he has recently shared:

However, Twitter Safety’s account has actually deleted several of his tweets as result of the gravity of the situation arisen in Washington the sixth of January 2,021:

As a an outcome of the unprecedented and ongoing violent case in Washington, D.C., we have required the remove of 3
realDonaldTrump Tweets the were posted previously today for repeated and also severe violations of our public Integrity policy. Https://

— Twitter security (
TwitterSafety) January 7, 2021

Trump tweets and also Twitter account analysis

The days of the evaluation were due to the fact that May fourth 2009 until the 7th that January 2,021. We analyzed a many info and also we can say: Trump + Twitter, what a combination! that was probably the chairman in the human being that supplied Twitter the most. And when us say “used” it method he did that personally, that did not seem to have a team of world managing the account for him.

If you’d choose to analyze Trump tweets, you need to write from:realdonaldtrump in the search box. As that is nos feasible anymore, you can produce a Twitter account evaluation for any type of other account through our to exclude, Twitter user tracker:

Evolution that tweets sent out by Donald Trump due to the fact that 2009

Donald trump card Twitter’s account was opened up in 2009. Due to the fact that then he has actually sent practically 47K original tweets. In the next chart you will certainly see just how he has been using his main account
realDonaldTrump since then. If us take a look in ~ Trump’s account due to the fact that 2009, the year he opened his account, until there is data the advancement is quite amazing (kind of stunner if friend think about it):

realdonaldtrump tweets archive" width="939" height="569" srcset=" 1454w, 300w, 1024w, 768w" sizes="(max-width: 939px) 100vw, 939px" />Donald Trump opened up his Twitter account in 2009. The really began tweeting heavily in 2012.

Create her Twitter report

Donald Trump has always used his personal Twitter account
realDonaldTrump instead of the one native the main for the us Presidency
Potus. Former President Barack Obama offered to have actually a team running his accounts. At any time he sent out a tweet personally, he added its signature to it so the audience would certainly know. Trump tweets this particular day are thought about a good source of information. We have to say that this analysis is based upon real trump card tweets, they room not fake or do up, those space tweets sent by trump card himself.

You can obtain these tweets and complete data through a Twitter historic report. The Tweet Binder report around how Donald trumped tweets in 2020 also shows the this tweet stays as Tump’s most liked tweet and also Trump’s many retweeted tweet he ever before shared:

Donald trump Twitter archive and also stats

Trump’s latest tweets are constantly on TV, imagine all the news that are based just on his tweets. Well, Donald Trump has actually shared almost 47K initial tweets since 2009. We carry out not counting the RTs that makes, just the original tweets he has written and also sent. Donald Trump initial tweets space 46,919tweets divided in:

30,572 message tweets: tweets containing just text (no link, no pic, etc.)3,624 replies: tweets wherein he replies to various other users (however, in this case, he’s likewise replying to self when developing threads)12,906 links or images (some of these tweets are likewise replies, so we don’t counting them twice)
Twitter historical report:
realdonaldtrump tweets because 2009

What has Donald trump card tweeted today?

That’s a very interesting question and probably it has a different answer every hour because Donald Trump used to tweet fairly a lot. Trump’s tweets this day will no be top top the news anyway because that sure. However, as soon as we were able to analyze Trump’s tweets, this was the means to carry out it: writting from:realdonaldtrump in the adhering to box:

Did Donald trumped tweet from an iphone or Android?

While he to be the united state President, Donald Trump provided up to 6 methods to re-publishing tweets. 6 different sources. Let’s remember that Twitter considers “source” the software program a person uses to tweet. In this case, these space the resources Donald Trump offered to tweet indigenous (note the his latest tweets were sent via one iPhone):

SourceNumber of tweets
Twitter for iPhone17,260
Twitter because that Android14,753
Twitter web Client12,952
TwitLonger Beta502
Twitter Media Studio369

What hashtags walk Donald trump card use once he tweet?

Not big surprise here, Donald trump tweeted his campaign hashtags mostly: #MAGA (Make America good Again) and #AmericaFirst.

HashtagNumber the tweets

Media and Trump’s tweets

We deserve to say there is a little bit of “love” in between Fox News and Trump, they were the most pointed out news network in his tweets. We deserve to also allude out that Donald Trump chosen to talk about the media, many of the most stated users to be media channels, that’s a fact. 2% of Donald trump card tweets were around Fox News. And also also, 519 tweets (7% of the total) talked about Fake News.

In the following table you can see a distribution of the stated Twitter account through Donald Trump:

AccountNumber of tweets
Fox News842
Barack Obama795
Fox & Friends665
Mitt Romney353

Fox News was the media that obtained the highest number of mentions. The was likewise one of the just ones that provided to speak “nice” about Donald Trump. However, it appears something changed:

Let’s remember the the one who sent out these tweets was the climate President the the United claims of America.

Trump’s most retweeted and also liked tweet

The many retweeted tweet by Donald Trump was the one where he announced he had Covid-19 (October 2020):

In 2017 Donald Trump sent his 2nd most retweeted tweet. The tweet where he showed a video making funny of CNN News is the one with the highest variety of retweets and also likes. It got to 324,000 retweets and 529,000 likes. Tweets sent out by Trump around the CNN were not fairly delicate.

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The third one to be from November 2016 and we already shared it prior to (a few lines above) wherein he claimed that “Today us make America great again”. This tweets had actually 302,432 retweets and 491K likes.

We additionally investigated the tweets sent to come Donald Trump v the highest number of mentions. The belongs come Jimmy Kimmel and it was sent out in 2017 (March. 23rd and got virtually 500K retweets)