Thumbs increase or down? our voter panel's decision on exactly how confident castle are around the state the the US

We watched the final conflict with 6 voters that will aid determine the fate of the country on 3 November.

Our two undecided voters felt the last head-to-head between Donald Trump and Joe Biden was sufficient to aid lock in your vote.

As for the rest? The dispute simply shown their an option for president. Here's what they said.

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Andrew is one undecided voter leaning towards Joe Biden, yet wishes he had actually other alternatives to choose from. He functions in the restaurant industry and has two young children.

At the beginning it looked like they to be going come do lot better. But Trump seems choose he simply wants people to like him, it's for this reason pathetic. I doubted it once he claimed he did more for black people than any other president. That seemed choose someone who has actually such a large disconnect v reality.

Trump appealed come me on only one issue, and I still don't prefer his personality. I have sufficient information now. Biden is that I'm going to walk for, back he's not my favourite choice.


After coming to be disillusioned through the left, Eliana now supports the policies of the Republican Party and also backs the re-election that Donald Trump. She is the chairman of her neighborhood young republicans group and a former expert dancer. She winner the national television compete So girlfriend Think You have the right to Dance in 2012.

The standout moments room ones that affect me personally. I ended up spending a tremendous amount ~ above Obamacare. Biden said he would eliminate the competition and also that ups the price.

It's significant that us live in a nation with one election procedure like we have here. I would continue to be in the country and also be a proud citizen. Yet the way I live my life would really much change. I would certainly take my assets and put them into real-estate since I don't trust the government. I am for low-regulation and for a cost-free market.


Joe Biden was not Jessica's very first choice as democratic candidate but she will actors her vote for the former vice-president due to the fact that she likes and respects that a lot. An attorney and also self-described "news junkie", Jessica admits to feeling tired by this election.

When Trump was going on about how Biden want everyone come have small windows and how he wants to tear down buildings and also rebuild them. It stood out to me because it's therefore silly and such an obviously false explicate of Biden's climate plan.

I think I'll be fear if Donald trumped wins again. Less for myself 보다 for future generations. I don't have actually children, however I have a niece and a nephew who are black, and also I are afraid for your future. Ns worry about another 4 years of Trump gift president and of republic rolling ago civil rights, reproductive rights and climate measures.


Lesley was increased in Canada and also became a us citizen in 2016. She is an independent, and also will vote for Joe Biden.

In basic I felt prefer Trump wasn't comment the questions. The one part that made my eyebrows raise was when he carried up Hillary Clinton. Why can't he gain past that and just command the country?

As a black person and an immigrant life in this nation - things have actually shifted so much in the last 4 years. I literally have fear - because that my life and people who look favor me - if there's another four years of Trump.


Noel is a twin UK-US citizen and undecided voter. Prior to the controversy he said he wanted Biden together a person however was much more supportive that Trump's policies.

There were two things that really stood out to me. First, when Biden admitted plan mistakes in the past, i beg your pardon is really rare. Trump might probably discover a lesson indigenous that. Second, Biden was completely wrong once he spoke around the minimum wage.

The conflict did very small to assist me. Ns am leaning more towards Trump after ~ the debate due to the fact that I didn't prefer what Biden said about the economy. Ns don't think Trump really nitpicked Biden's agenda enough. Yet in the end, Biden appears to want to flourish government, which i am personally no in favour of. But is this yes, really the best that America deserve to deliver?

Rom was featured on Tuesday's armed forces veterans panel. He enthusiastically supports the president's re-election.

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For the many part, it to be a dignified slugfest. The one minute that stood the end was as soon as Biden claimed he to be going to provide a pathway come 11 million civilization who space in the us illegally. We've obtained millions of unemployment Americans and I don't think that's going come sell an extremely well to anybody that listened come the conflict that he's offering priority to world here illegally.

I will certainly accept the results, but much I may dislike those results, and I will carry out it in a dignified way. Ns have household members who are extreme and also said in 2016 when Trump won that he was "not my president". I will certainly not take the route. I will certainly take a dignified course as distasteful as it may be for me.