Former Rep. Doug Collins
Douglas (Doug) Allen CollinsLoeffler meets through McConnell amid speculation of an additional Senate run Georgia farming commissioner launches Senate campaign versus Warnock Poll mirrors tight GOP primary for Georgia governor much more (R-Ga.) said Monday that he won"t be running for any kind of office this choice cycle, finishing speculation that he can mount an additional Senate bid after falling quick in 2020.

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Collins likely would have been the most prominent Republican to challenge Sen. Raphael Warnock

Raphael WarnockBiden reconciliation framework has Medicaid workaround, no Medicare dentist or vision benefits Senate GOP lines up behind Trump-backed candidates Perdue mulling primary an obstacle against Kemp in Georgia: report much more (D-Ga.) had actually he liked to run in the 2022 midterm cycle.

"I am announcing today that I will not it is in a candidate for any kind of office in the next election cycle," Collins said in a statement posted to social media.


But Collins suggested he doesn"t plan to leave politics altogether in ~ this point.

"For those who might wonder, this is goodbye because that now, however probably not forever. Ns do arrangement on staying associated in shaping our conservative message to assist Republicans win back the House and also the Senate and also help an ext strong conservative candidates get elected here in Georgia," Collins said.

I’m announcing this day that I will certainly not be a candidate for any office in the following election cycle. Read an ext ⬇️

— Doug Collins (
RepDougCollins) April 26, 2021


Collins fell quick in his Senate campaign last year, comes in 3rd place in the all-party primary behind Warnock and former Sen. Kelly Loeffler

Kelly LoefflerPerdue mulling primary difficulty against Kemp in Georgia: report McConnell backs Herschel pedestrian in Georgia Senate gyeongju Warnock to plan memoir for June release more (R-Ga.). Warnock walk on to defeat Loeffler in among two runoff vote that placed both the Georgia"s Senate seats in autonomous hands.

Before running for Senate, Collins served as the optimal Republican top top the home Judiciary Committee throughout former president Trump

Donald TrumpMcAuliffe, Youngkin hold final project rallies ahead of tight Virginia governor"s race Poll: 50 percent of republicans don"t believe their vote will certainly be counted accurately Overnight Defense & nationwide Security — Sparring over sub deal intensifies MORE"s very first impeachment.

Georgia, a traditionally red state that went blue in 2020 because that the very first time in decades, is a focus for republicans heading right into 2022.

One poll conducted last month discovered that Collins had the most support because that a Senate campaign amongst three potential rivals. Collins polled in ~ 35 percent, over former NFL and also University of Georgia running earlier Herschel Walker"s 27 percent, Loeffler"s 22 percent and also Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene

Marjorie Taylor GreeneGOP efforts to downplay hazard of Capitol riot increase The Memo: What now for anti-Trump Republicans? Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene says she"s meeting with Trump "soon" in Florida MORE"s (R-Ga.) 7 percent. 

Warnock will certainly be up for reelection again following year in a closely-watched gyeongju that will likely recognize which party controls what"s currently an evenly split Senate.

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Trump additionally floated Collins as a potential GOP challenger against Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp

Brian KempTexas AG sues White home over vaccine mandate Overnight Health care — gift by Altria — Young kids one action closer come vaccine Kemp, various other GOP governors come sue Biden management over vaccine mandate an ext in December. 

Trump repetitively pressured Kemp and other Georgia GOP public representative to challenge the election outcomes in the state, which chairman Biden

Joe BidenBiden management takes target at methane emissions McConnell blasts potential payments to be separated migrant family members Poll: 50 percent of republicans don"t believe their vote will certainly be counting accurately an ext won. Biden to be the an initial Democratic presidential nominee to success Georgia in 28 years.