DR Seuss is the news after his books were snubbed from Read across America day between accusations of having actually “strong gyeongju undertones”.

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The author, actual name Theodor Seuss Geisel, was married his wife Audrey, who was the overseer of his estate and guardian of his tradition after he passed away 1991

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Who was Dr Seuss' mam Audrey?

The couple were married to be married from 1968 to when he died aged 87.

Two years after his death, she started Seuss companies to patent the use of the characters.

She executive produced animated film adaptations of several of her husband’s most beloved children’s books, consisting of ‘Horton Hears a Who!’, ‘The Lorax’ and also ‘The Grinch’;.

In ‘The Lorax’ the character voiced through Taylor Swift was called after her.


Audrey Geisel to be the guardian of her husband's estateCredit: Getty images - Getty

Audrey stone was born in Chicago on respectable 14, 1921 and grew up through her mother though she additionally spent time life with family members friends and also in foster care.

He very first husband to be E. Grey Dimond, a cardiologist, and they relocated to La Jolla, California, whereby she met Theodor Geisel and also his wife Helen, who took her own life in 1967.

After her marital relationship ended, Theodor and also Audrey wed in 1968. She died in 2018 aged 97.

Who to be Dr Seuss' ex-wife Helen?

Helen Marion Palmer Geisel known professionally as Helen Palmer, was an American children's author, editor, and philanthropist.

She to be married come fellow author Theodor Seuss Geisel from 1927 till her death.

Helen Palmer to be born in new York in 1898 and spent she childhood in Bedford–Stuyvesant, in Brooklyn.

After graduating from Wellesley university and then spent three years teaching English at Girls High School in Brooklyn


Dr Seuss books have been accused of having 'racial undertones'Credit: EBay

She then relocated with mommy to England come attend Oxford University, whereby she met her future husband.

Helen Palmer's best-known publication is ‘Do You recognize What I'm walking to carry out On Saturday' i m sorry was released in 1963.

She struggled for an ext than a decade through partial paralysis native Guillain-Barré syndrome.

Depressed by she worsening symptoms and also suspicions of she husband’s affair with close friend Audrey, she took her own life.

Did Dr Seuss have children?

Dr Seuss didn’t self have any children.

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Helen Geisel to be unable to bear children, and also he no have any kind of children with Audrey, though he was a stepfather come her two daughters.

Asked exactly how he could affix with youngsters in spite of not having his own, that replied: “You have actually ‘em, and also I’ll entertain ‘em.”

Audrey said: “He live his entirety life without children, and he was really happy without children.”


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