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Drew Brees, together expected, finished his NFL career after 20 seasons, deciding to retire indigenous the Saints ~ above Sunday — 15 year to the date after the signed in new Orleans. The future agree Football room of reputation quarterback, that turned 42 in January, battled through a second consecutive injury-riddled year with new Orleans and fell short of one more Super key for a 4 straight postseason.

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Brees did win one ring, in Super key 44 over the Colts in 2010, along with posting a career regular-season winning percentage of .601, i m sorry includes his an initial five NFL periods with the Chargers. Brees hold the document for many career pass yards (80,358), simply ahead the Tom Brady, and ends with 571 pass touchdowns, behind just Brady. Brees is the fifth most-efficient passer of all time (98.7 rating).

After seeing Brady lead the NFC southern rival Buccaneers to victory in Super bowl 55, Brees walks away after a rough video game in the NFC divisional playoff loss to Tampa Bay. After absent five gamings with a thumb injury in 2019, Brady missed four much more games v battered ribs in 2019.

Brees didn"t success NFL MVP in any type of season, however he was a Super bowl MVP and achieved everything else possible in the video game with an excellent statistics and leadership in Sean Payton"s offense. Signing together a totally free agent with brand-new Orleans in 2006, that was an essential to both remolding a franchise right into a constant winner and helping to accumulate a city that was ruined by Hurricane Katrina.

Here"s a look at why Brees made the decision now, what his tradition is, and also what his future holds:

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Why did drew Brees retire indigenous the NFL?

There was nothing wrong v Brees" efficiency, together he continued to be in triple number for six straight periods to end his career. But before the previous two seasons, he was an ironman because that the Saints. If the thumb and also the ribs to be the only things, that would certainly be one thing. Yet the ribs likewise came through a collapsed lung. According to his wife, Brittany, Brees additionally played through a take it rotator cuff and and a take it fascia, including shoulder and foot to the perform of worrying injuries.

Brees made the notice in a write-up on his Instagram featuring his 4 kids.

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There also was decreasing arm toughness from Brees. The deep balls were a struggle. Brees perfect No. 34 in the NFL in average intended wait passing yards per attempt v 6.1. The season before, he finished No. 32 in that group at 6.4. 

Brees has actually kept himself in tremendous physical shape overall to play at this high the a level for so long. Yet there have actually been signs of breaking under in his early on 40s, a lot various than Brady. Mentally and athletically, Brees deserve to still pat quarterback far better than many and aid his team success a lot more games. The limitations maintaining him indigenous executing at his high standard of exeuction, however, became too lot in 2020.

How lot did drew Brees average to the Saints" organization?

The Saints make a commitment come Brees in 2006 in spite of some various other teams, such together the Dolphins, having worries around the state of his right throwing shoulder coming off injury when displaced by Philip Rivers in his final season with the Chargers. As soon as the Saints had confidence Brees could be the best quarterback to attach to then brand-new coach Payton"s offense for a long time, he rewarded them through immersing himself into the society of the team and also the city.

While the Saints helped rebuild his career into a hall of Famer, Brees was ideal there helping brand-new Orleans heal, both through his upbeat winning heart on the field and also his contributions to rebuild off the field. For his immediate charitable efforts, Brees was honored as the NFL"s Walter Payton guy of the Year ~ his an initial season, once the Saints make a triumphant return to the playoffs back playing in the Superdome.

Brees has continued to plant stronger roots through "Who documents Nation" over two effective decades, investing much more in the community and raising his philanthropy follow me the way. Brees provided the Saints the long-time leader they required in every sense of the word. He will go down, hands down, together the ideal professional athlete come play in and stay in new Orleans. As soon as looking in ~ the fleur de lis top top his helmet all these years, it have the right to get puzzled with the symbol of a heavy heart.

The Saints have actually retired two jersey numbers in their history since beginning the NFL in 1967, Jim Taylor (No. 31) and Doug Atkins (No. 81). Expect Brees to join that club, v no one ever wearing No. 9 again for new Orleans.

Where does attracted Brees rank among the NFL"s all-time ideal QBs?

Brady is the GOAT through his 7 Super bowl rings. Joe Montana Is No. 2 through his four 49ers championships. Then it becomes harder to finish the "Mount Rushmore". The late Johnny Unitas, for what that did to modernize the NFL passing game well front of his time, deserves a strong mention and also ranking. Likewise, thinking ago to pioneering QB play and also leadership, the late otto Graham was also a throwback superstar.

So then it"s Brees vs. Two much more contemporaries, Peyton Manning and Aaron Rodgers, and vs. two strong-armed legends, man Elway and also Dan Marino. However you location them, Brees has actually a firm ar in the height 10, just external the peak five. His longevity, durability and prolifc numbers cannot be ignored. Brees also has matched Rodgers and also Russell Wilson in non-Brady rings v one, one behind Manning and Elway and also one an ext than Marino.

Brees controlled to break v with a ring when in an era conquered by Brady, and that"s huge. V the league"s pass explosion and several young firearms such as Patrick Mahomes top to bright careers, Brees quiet has sufficient of a passing number cushion come remain in between No. 6 and No. 9 on the list for a lengthy time.

What"s following for drew Brees after play in the NFL?

Brees already knew what that planned to do soon critical year. In April 2020, the agreed to sign a contract v NBC sports to be a football analyst top top both college and pro broadcasts. The deal had to it is in done beforehand by the network with ESPN looming as competition because that the rights to function his bright mind and eloquent voice ~ above television.

There"s every indication that Brees will certainly be groomed come take end from Cris Collinsworth as the main shade commentator on "Sunday Night Football.", lot like Mike Tirico is was standing by to take over for Al Michaels as the major play-by-play man. Collinsworth is 62, when Michaels is 76.

In the meantime, Brees is expected to be employed as a studio analyst in "Football NIght in America" ~ above Sundays sand also contribute come coverage that NBC"s Notre Dame home gamings on Saturdays.

NBC is hoping the personable and affable Brees will show his soccer intelligence and share that in layman way with viewers, lot like CBS struggle the jackpot with previous Cowboys QB Tony Romo, another former No. 9, alongside Jim Nantz. Brees should be on TV talk NFL because that a lengthy time instead of play in it, much like Collinsworth and also Fox"s trojan Aikman.

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Brees might not be taking the field for the Saints anymore, however he will certainly be a nationwide fixture and still representing brand-new Orleans fine in much more ways. He also will getting an ext time to spend with Brittany and their 4 children, young Baylen, Bowen and also Callen and daughter Rylen. Brees isn"t walk too much away indigenous the NFL, and the presentation the the organization will much better for it.