“Chicago Fire” actors members payment tribute come the character played by Chicago-area actress DuShon Monique Brown on Wednesday’s Season 7 premiere. Brown passed away in in march of a blood infection of unknown origin.

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Brown had actually played Connie, the assistant come Chief Wallace Boden, due to the fact that the an initial season the “Fire.” Boden said his crew top top Wednesday’s illustration that Connie finished she master’s level in counseling and landed her dream task as head that counseling at Whitney Young Magnet School.

“They asked her to begin immediately, and I couldn’t stand in she way,” claimed Boden, who is played by Eamonn Walker.

“I didn’t gain a opportunity to say goodbye,” claimed firefighter Christopher Herrmann (played by David Eigenberg). “None of united state did.”

Brown’s last appearance on “Fire” to be on an illustration that aired April 26 — a month after ~ her death at the period of 49. “Fire” showrunner Derek Haas called reporters earlier this month that “Fire” executive, management producer Andrea Newman came up with Connie’s story line end the summer.

Connie"s journey mirrors Brown’s real-life career path. She to visit Whitney Young and received her master’s level in counseling indigenous Governors State college in 2005. She offered as a counselor in ~ Kenwood Academy High school on the southern Side.

Haas said he ran the idea by walker — the “Fire” cast member closest to Brown — and also had walker reach out to Brown’s family members before shooting the step so they wouldn’t be recorded off-guard.

“I composed it as what I want to say. Us didn’t obtain a possibility to to speak goodbye, yet she to be loved,” Haas said.

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“Fire” airs Wednesday nights top top NBC. Next week’s episode, i m sorry kicks off a three-way crossover in between Dick Wolf’s “Chicago” shows, is booked to air in ~ 7 p.m.



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