Dylan Dreyer has been hospitalized ~ entering early on labor v her third child.

The “Today” display meteorologist shared a selfie from her hospital bed Tuesday morning come let fans recognize she wouldn’t it is in on air but assured everyone the “all is well.”

“My water broke Sunday evening and I’ve to be hanging at the hospital. Our small guy is concerned to gain out and also meet us!” Dreyer captioned her Instagram post. “Doctors are carefully monitoring both that us and trying to save him top top the inside for a small while longer to gain stronger.

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All is well!”

Dreyer, 40, also shared a selfie with husband Brian Fichera, who she referred to as “the finest person to store me calm and also comfortable.”

“Looks favor we’ll be acquiring to meet our littlest boy at some point this week…6 mainly early!” she added. “Guess he couldn’t manage being left out of all the funny his brothers have actually been having! fine gladly take any extra prayers you have actually