The year 2020 has carried many challenges for a many of world in the world, mainly as result of the continuous coronavirus pandemic. The music industry also faced countless losses throughout last year, among which saddened numerous people roughly the world, the passing of the etc legend Eddie van Halen.

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The guitarist, inventor, and also songwriter Eddie valve Halen to be mainly known for being the co-founder and renowned guitarist of van Halen. Eddie founded the band in addition to his brother Alex back in 1972. Since then, van Halen exit 12 studio albums and earned the title of being one of the best-selling bands of all time by offering more 보다 80 million records worldwide. Considered as among the biggest guitarists in absent music history, Eddie is likewise credited to popularize the tapping etc solo technique.

Besides his praiseworthy career with Van Halen, Eddie valve Halen had to struggle with one of the deadliest diseases because he was first diagnosed v tongue cancer earlier in 2000. That underwent various treatments including surgery that removed a third of his tongue and was declared cancer-free in 2002. Yet, later in 2019, the above guitarist was hospitalized after battling neck cancer end the previous five years. That was likewise revealed the Eddie was traveling come Germany together a component of his cancer treatment.

Unfortunately, top top October 6, 2020, his child Wolfgang valve Halen revealed the his beloved dad passed away through a statement he posted on social media platforms. Return he had actually been battling cancer for a long time, Eddie’s condition gained worse within the last 72 hours due to the fact that his cancer had actually moved come his mind and other organs according to the declare of his doctors.

Since the pass of the top guitarist, his family and fellow musicians have been mourning by sharing their favorite memory of Eddie and also paying the tribute by spanning Van Halen songs. Similar to other legend artists who shed their lives, among the many wondered issues around Eddie’s death is who inherited his money and also estate. Yet, prior to assessing the present status of valve Halen star’s inheritance, it could be essential to see what was Eddie’s net worth at the time of his death.

Eddie van Halen net Worth $100 Million


According come the records, the etc legend had actually a network worth of $100 million at the time of his death in 2020. Besides his income as among the most famous rock stars in the world, Eddie also owned number of properties around Los Angeles whereby he lived throughout his adult life.

The famed 5150 Studios to be owned by Eddie also which was constructed near his house where he to be living v his ex-wife Valerie Bertinelli. 5150 Studios is also known together the studio whereby every van Halen album since 1984 was recorded.

Who Inherited Eddie’s Money and also Estate?


As you may know, Eddie to be married to the actress Valerie Bertinelli and the pair has a son, Wolfgang van Halen, born in 1991. The pair had a son, Wolfgang, born in 1991. Later on in 2007, they made decision to divorce together a result of Eddie’s cocaine addiction and his refusal to quit smoking. Wolfgang determined to follow the footsteps of his father and also focused top top his career together a musician. He has actually been working on his upcoming album with his tape Mammoth WVH, which will certainly be exit on June 11, 2021.

Following his divorce native Bertinelli, Eddie got married to Janie Liszewski in 2009. His son and also ex-wife were also among the attendants for the ceremony in ~ his legacy in Studio City. Eddie was surrounded by his loved ones, consisting of Janie, Wolfgang, Valerie, and his brothers Alex, until the really last moments of his life.

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Considering the close relationship every one of his former and current family members have, it’s for sure to say the Eddie van Halen’s money and also estate will most likely be divided amongst his widow, son, brother, and maybe his ex-wife, even though there have actually been no main statements about the issue yet.