“El Chappo (sic) testifies in U.S. Court that paid off Nancy Pelosi to store the Mexican/U.S. Border open up for drug cartels! Impeach Pelosi!” the article reads.

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USA TODAY reached out come both individuals for comment. Casey claimed he very first shared the short article several year ago, after seeing it on the timeline the a friend. "I mutual it years ago, through no warnings on it once I very first shared it," that said. 

Guzmán"s "testimony" 

The viral claims around El Chapo"s testimony are impossible because Guzmán never ever testified in his U.S. Trial. In addition to USA TODAY, countless outlets reported that his defense chose to rest without testimony native Guzmán, including Reuters, The wall surface Street Journal, CNN, and The linked Press.

In an email to USA TODAY, Guzmán"s defense lawyer Jeffrey Lichtman wrote, "He has not made any public comment about this problem or any kind of other issue. Around anything. Any kind of suggestion otherwise is false."

A PDF transcript from the court reporter the El Chapo"s 30-minute defense along with his final remarks, during which that decried his therapy in the U.S. Prison, shows he never stated Pelosi. The righteousness Department’s push release stating findings from the attempt doesn"t mention Pelosi or any type of other U.S. Politics figure. 

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The suggestion within the case that El Chapo gave money to Pelosi is likewise baseless. No evidence for this case was provided by the poster the the claim; in addition, Snopes tracked under the user who most likely originated the viral insurance claim from July 2019 the El Chapo bribed Schiff, Pelosi and Clinton and found that he might not carry out any proof for his claim, either. 

"This is obviously false," Drew Hammill, Pelosi’s spokesman and deputy chef of staff, wrote to USA TODAYin one email.

Along with declining to testify, Guzmán remained almost entirely silent during his trial, which began on Nov. 5, 2018, after a yearlong effort on the component of the Mexican federal government to extradite him and virtually two much more years invested in the U.S. awaiting the trial. On Feb. 12, 2019, the jury found him guilty on all counts. 


Our rating: False

We price the claim that Joaquín "El Chapo" Guzmán testified that he bribed residence Speaker Nancy Pelosi to preserve an open U.S.-Mexico border FALSE, based on our research. El Chapo did not testify at his U.S. Trial, nor did his defense make any kind of comment regarded Pelosi, as shown by his lawyer.

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Email interview v Jeffrey Lichtman, El Chapo"s defense lawyer

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