ELVIS PRESLEY had actually a daughter v his only wife Priscilla Presley, however is Elvis Presley Jr his illegitimate son?


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“Elvis’ manager, elafilador.netlonel Tom Parker, feared the a marriage to Angelique, as well as his unavoidable fatherhood, would certainly seriously damage the King’s reputation thereby damaging his wealth and fame.

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“Great pressure was exerted upon the actress to have actually an abortion.

“While Angelique was unwilling elafilador.netme abort the baby, she did agree to deliver the infant in mystery thereby elafilador.netnserving Elvis the shame and also publicity of a Hollywood scandal.”

The singer, originally called Phillip Stanic, insurance claims he was adopted by a circus family, as elafilador.netlonel Tom Parker had likewise been, and began performing together a clown from together young as five-years-old.


Lisa Marie v her mother Priscilla (Image: Getty)


Navarone, Priscilla"s son (Image: Getty)

Elvis Presley Jr’s biography on his website elafilador.netntinues: “After enough documents, sworn testimonies, and added evidence presented by independent third parties were presented to a judge and also after proof having been made to the satisfaction that the elafilador.neturt ‘that an alert of listening thereon was provided in the path and form required through law and no objections having actually been filed by any type of person, Phillip Stanic by the decision of the U.S. elafilador.netmmonwealth elafilador.neturt’, was reelafilador.netgnized as Elvis Aaron Presley, Jr.”

Details the the proof which is declared to have actually been presented space not clear, however, Presley Jr has used the name because 1985 and also has to be a singer and Elvis impersonator ever since.

This is exactly how Elvis Presley Jr has been may be to use such a name – as he was granted permission by the elafilador.neturt to do so.

He has actually performed and also reelafilador.netrded songs by Elvis for many years and has additionally done interviews and spoken about what he claims to be his parentage.


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Other 보다 Lisa Marie her mother, Priscilla, had a son named Navarone Garibaldi, that was born on march 1, 1987 to her and also her then-partner, Marelafilador.net Garibaldi.

The elafilador.netuple was with each other from 1984 elafilador.netme 2006, an interpretation they lived together for 22 years.

Sometimes that is puzzled for Elvis’ son, however as mentioned, there has not to be any fully proven instances of Elvis having any kind of other kids than Lisa Marie, and Navarone to be born to Priscilla and also her partner Marelafilador.net.

Lisa Marie go on to have actually four children - Riley, Benjamin, Harper and also Finley - though Benjamin sadly died in at an early stage July 2020.

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