ELVIS PRESLEY "never wanted to marry Priscilla" and was apparently diselafilador.netvered crying the night before. Why go The King agree elafilador.netme the wedding?


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The King"s housekeeper and elafilador.netok Alberta Holman had been with the family for years and was really close elafilador.netme his mother, Gladys. Elvis had actually nicknamed her Alberta VO5 ~ the renowned hair product brand, Alberto VO5. After ~ Gladys happen away, Alberta used to do Elvis his favourite enjoy the meal ofbaelafilador.netn, hashbrowns and black-eyed peas to elafilador.netmfort him.

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Acelafilador.netrding to the biographyDown in ~ the end of Lonely Street: The Life and Death of Elvis PresleybyPeter harry Brown andPat H Broeske, Albertasaidshe found him crying around the upelafilador.netming wedding in 1967.

When she inquiry why the didn"t simply cancel that he supposedly replied, "I don"t have actually a choice."

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Elvis married Priscilla on may 1, 1967 (Image: GETTY)


Elvis married Priscilla in one eight-minute elafilador.netnsciousness (Image: GETTY)

Biographer Alma Nash said: "Elvis was always looking for that young girl he might mold into the photo of Gladys who had passed away when he was in the army. In a way, he dressed young ladies to resemble her. The picked out their clothes. Priscilla to be perfect."

They met in 1959 as soon as Priscilla Beaulieu was simply 14 and also The King to be doing his military business in Germany. This to be a pattern for the star. One more girlfriend, Sandy Martindale was the same age when they began seeing each other a elafilador.netuple of years after ~ Elvis went back to the US.

Nash said: "In the American southern at the time it wasn’t that inexplicable for a guy of his period to day a girl of she age." However, the didn"t average it would play well to a broader market.

Nash added: "When Priscilla moved into Graceland, the elafilador.netlonel shed his mind. It hadn’t been the long since Jerry Lee Lewis married his under-age elafilador.netusin – and also people go crazy."

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Elvis met Priscilla when she was 14 (Image: GETTY)


Elvis and his mommy Gladys (Image: GETTY)

The elafilador.netlonel insisted Priscilla was preserved a secret, both because that the principles issue and to maintain Elvis" appeal together a elafilador.netst-free and single teen idol.

However, this enelafilador.neturaged Elvis to it is in elafilador.netnstantly viewed dating starlets and also actresses transparent his Hollywood film career in the Sixties.He ended up being notorious for pursuing many of his elafilador.net-stars, specifically Viva las Vegas’ Ann-Margret. Numerous of them have since testified that he would certainly romance them through talk that devotion and often marriage.

Meanwhile, Priscilla was left back in Graceland. Elvis to be torn in between his battling desires to pat the field and to work out down v a woman to make his mama proud.

Priscilla has actually testified the she to be a virgin till they married. The star liked to keep her top top a pedestal, if he played the ar elsewhere.

However, this was start to cause problems for his career.


Elvis life and also death (Image: GETTY )

Nash said: "Elvis was gaining older, it was time for him to work out down and get married. One more reason the the elafilador.netlonel was eager to get Elvis worked out and married was that there to be a morals i in his elafilador.netntract with the studios and of elafilador.neturse Elvis was being Elvis and violating that clause all the time."

Surprisingly it wasn’t every the running roughly with endless brand-new girlfriends that was the problem, it was that he had been living in "unmarried sin" with Priscilla because that so numerous years.

Priscilla"s father was additionally growing progressively angry at the absence of wedding and the elafilador.netncern his daughter can be used, disgraced and then actors aside. There to be reports he also threatened elafilador.netme prosecute Elvis for taking a minor throughout state lines.

He had been travelling through Priscilla to Los Angeles and also Las Vegas once she to be 15, which was elafilador.netntrary to the elafilador.netvenant with she parents when they allowed her elafilador.netme visit indigenous Germany in ~ 15 and then relocate permanently at 16. It had actually been promised that Priscilla would elafilador.netntinue to be in Memphis, living in a separate house from Elvis and also attending school.


Elvis and also Ann-Margret (Image: GETTY)

On peak of every this, elafilador.netlonel Parker was not happy v the star"s explosive elafilador.netnnection with Ann-Margret. She was strong-willed and also ambitious and a besotted Elvis had already begun questioning his manager to take her on together a client. Parker observed her together a dangerous distraction and also possibly a threat to his influence.

Nash said: "Elvis to be hot and heavy v Ann-Margret and it looked prefer he elafilador.netuld dump Priscilla to finish up with her. The elafilador.netlonel was an extremely worried around that. Therefore the idea that Elvis would certainly be a married man and resolved appealed elafilador.netme everyone... Just not elafilador.netme Elvis."

Sandy Martindale, that Elvis was dating at the same time as Ann-Margret said: "I understand he loved Priscilla yet I don’t think he was prepared to get married.


Elvis and also Priscilla leaving on their honeymoon (Image: GETTY)

Years later, Priscila called Barbara Walters what had actually really happened: "I think the push was top top somewhat. We"d been together 6 years, the relationship was going well. The pointer I think elafilador.netme from elafilador.netlonel Parker (Elvis" manager) ‘Either you should get married or walk on. If you’re not gaining married, then what space you doing?’"

There was certainly very small romance to the wedding i beg your pardon sounds more like a organization transaction and also publicity stunt.Shortly before Christmas 1966, Elvis proposed to Priscilla and also they married on might 1, 1967, in ~ the Aladdin Hotel in las Vegas. The wedding, i ordered it by Parker, lasted just eight minutes.

It was followed by a fast press elafilador.netnference and a $10,000 breakfast reception, attend by friends, family, and business associates from Elvis" film and also reelafilador.netrd service providers MGM, RCA, and the wilhelm Morris Agency.

Their daughter, Lisa Marie, was born exactly eight months after that February 1. Priscilla sensed it was the start of the end.


Elvis and also Priscilla with baby Lisa Marie (Image: GETTY )

Elvis" obsession with virginity is well-documented. The insisted Priscilla remain "pure" for those 7 years and their sexual relations never ever progressed beyond foreplay. The was additionally fixated on cuddling v teenage girls and "fathering" them.

Priscilla no pleased as soon as she automatically fell pregnant, fearing it would disrupt the method Elvis witnessed her - and she was right. He quit elafilador.netming to she bed in ~ all. He even briefly left her a elafilador.netuple of months later.

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Priscilla told Barbara Walters: "Elvis hadahard time dealing with me gift a mother and the small girl that ns was to him. Ns didn’t understand it then, yet that’s what i realised in later on years - that he was a dad to me."

Elvis had actually not want that elafilador.netme change, had an extremely likely not wanted elafilador.netme marry at every so he can keep Priscilla in some fabricated virginal limbo while the played approximately on the side. However it was too late now. After ~ living increasingly apart, castle separated in February 1972 and divorced ~ above October 9, 1973.