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Evel Knievel to be the definition of a daredevil. End the course of his 10-year career together a stunt performer and entertainer, the attempted much more than 75 ramp-to-ramp motorcycle jumps and also even landed in the Motorcycle room of Fame in 1999.

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Knievel to be an American icon who was most likely riding a motorcycle out of the womb as soon as he to be born in Butte, Montana in 1938. He offered out stadiums performing his death-defying feats and also became a hero come young kids all over the world. People flocked to check out not only if Knievel would pull off his stunts but whether that would make it through them. Many motorcycle daredevils have tried, however none can put on quite the show that Robert Craig Knievel could. Also if he damaged bones over and over again.

Knievel’s an initial televised jump to be a classic. The 28-year-old stuntman flew end 15 dare in his Triumph Bonneville T120 as viewers “oohed” and also “aahed” city hall ABC’s Wide civilization of Sports, i beg your pardon should’ve been adjusted to the Wild human being of Sports.

Before dying in 2007, he nearly jumped the fountains in ~ Las Vegas’ caesars Palace and wanted to clean the cool Canyon but couldn’t acquire clearance from the government. Crashes, of course, were all as well common.

If friend ask me, though, nothing compares to the Snake river Canyon jump.

The Snake flow Canyon Jump

#SICoverOTD: Sept. 2, 1974. Evel Knievel prepares to jump the Snake river Canyon. That did no go well. Https://t.co/33YPVhjv6F pic.twitter.com/ysVbrH2l8z

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Evel Knievel had already attempted many jumps by the time September 14, 1974 rolling around. The was the job the motorcyclist made decision he’d jump over the Snake river Canyon in twin Falls, Idaho.


ABC’s large World of sporting activities didn’t desire to pay Knievel’s price come air the jump, so the daronger turned to boxing promoter Bob Arum. He broadcasted it in movie theaters, but investors such as Vince McMahon took losses ~ above the event.

Knievel turned to aeronautical technician Doug Malewicki to construct him what was called the Skycycle, a rocket powered by a steam engine developed by technician Robert Truax. After ~ they launched the first Skycycle in 1972 as a test, Truax constructed the Skycycle X-2.

This to be no ordinary jump. Knievel ditched the motorcycle for the Skycycle X-2. Put on his signature starry, red-white-and-blue jumpsuit, Knievel and his rocket blasted turn off the launch ramp located at the canyon rim and into the sky.

It to be a failure.

Some 30,000 fans watched together the skycycle?s parachute deployed prematurely. Knievel crashed into the canyon wall surface on the side he released from and also had to be pulled from the bottom that the canyon.

The jump website still lies there, despite it reportedly is currently used together a backstop for a police department’s shooting range.

Knievel would certainly go on to effort many more jumps. In 1975, he tried to clear 13 double-decker buses in Wembley stadium in London, but fell off his bike and was tossed choose a rag doll. Still, Knievel’s Snake flow jump won’t ever before be forgotten.


Daredevil Evel Knievel’s Jump influenced Others

Many daredevils and also stuntmen have vowed to recreate this iconic jump since. Knievel’s 2 sons, Robbie and Kelly, both said they would.

It wasn’t until 2016 the Hollywood stuntman Eddie Braun efficiently jumped the canyon. Braun hurdled the entire river in a rocket motorcycle draft by the Truax’s son, Scott Truax. The bike, called “Evel Spirit,” to be a replica of the Skycycle X-2.

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Rest in peace, Evel.

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