The Brady Bunchremains an above sitcom despite airing its last episode end 40 years ago. Centered approximately newlyweds Mike Brady (Robert Reed) and his wife Carol (Florence Henderson), the show featured the everyday lives of their blended family members with 6 kids.

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Barry Williams portrayed eldest boy Greg on the series. In spite of playing his mom on set, Henderson to be escorted by the young actor on a dinner day during their time together co-stars. While the incident has garnered plenty of rumors over the years, Henderson want to collection the document straight.

Robert Reed, Florence Henderson, and Barry Williams that ‘The Brady Bunch’ | Walt Disney television via Getty pictures Photo Archives

Florence Henderson didn’t want to reject her co-star

In his publication Growing up Brady, Williams talked about his to like on Henderson and also working increase his courage come ask she out. While promoting his memoir, Williams and also Henderson both talked about their one-time day in interviews, yet Henderson wanted to provide a more accurate account.

“Barry request me come go v him come hear a renowned singer perform at the Coconut Grove, the famous but long-gone Los Angeles night club,” Henderson wrote in her publication Life Is not a Stage. “I didn’t offer it all that lot thought, since I would gladly have actually done the very same for any of the older children if asked.”

The Brady Bunch alum wanted to encourage her co-star’s musical aspirations, and saw her function in their relationship as a mentor.

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“Admittedly, Barry was making his an initial steps into adulthood in ~ 15,” Henderson remarked. “But the was chaste enough, and also I didn’t want to discourage him.”

Barry Williams and Florence Henderson mutual an chaste goodnight kiss

Since Williams was too young for his driver’s license, his brother had actually to come follow me for the drive to pick up Henderson at she hotel. Climate they “ditched the brother” and headed to the Coconut Grove.

“We go in and also were displayed to a lousy table,” Henderson recalled. “I whispered sweetly in Barry’s ear the the maître d’ was expecting a tip. Immediately upon payment, prefer magic, our host recognized the celebrities we were and also showed united state to wonderful table.”

Henderson maintained that the whole night to be purely innocent, consisting of their goodnight kiss as soon as Williams brought her home. She provided how details that the evening gained much more steam and details as the years went on.

“After the concert, Barry was an extremely sweet,” Henderson wrote. “We fetched his brother and also he offered me a goodnight kiss at my hotel. For this reason from his book, our playful yet coy interviews… the followed, an city legend to be born.”

‘The Brady Bunch’ co-stars remained friends

In she memoir, Henderson made that clear that she had collection solid borders for her night out v Williams.

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“What is an extremely true is the Barry did have a serious crush on me, which i understood and helped him acquire past,” she explained. “Let us just say that if he had entertained a roll in the hay with me, I would never have done that.”

The 2 Brady Bunch alums enjoyed a heavy friendship till Henderson’s fatality in 2016. She raved about the shortcut she shared with Williams, even decades after working together.

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“Undeniably we had actually a really special connection – and it goes there is no saying the I always felt choose a surrogate mom to him and also the remainder of the kids,” Henderson composed in she 2011 book. “On a depth level, I stood for something come him the he admired. He loved music and knew the I can sing – he additionally liked my work ethic, and adopted it then as he still does. … He has remained a dear friend.”