Editor’s Note: Ford Motor agency reached out to us v a statement. You deserve to read the below:

Ford Motor agency and the Ford structure are completely separate entities and also have operated independent of every other because the mid-1970s. Ford has actually no regulate of the Ford Foundation’s grant-making plans or decisions. Ford’s charitable arm is the Ford Motor company Fund.

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Ford is proud to it is in America’s long-time leader in creating police, emergency and an initial responder vehicles. Our Police Interceptor vehicles room by much the top selection of legislation enforcement and also other emergency solutions agencies throughout the country.

To it is in clear, Ford trust racism, abuse the power and also repression in law enforcement should be addressed and also stamped the end wherever they exist. Great law enforcement agencies and officers beat a an essential positive function in our communities, yet safety and also fairness have to be inclusive the all, everywhere.

Contrary to some misinformed story online, no Ford Motor agency nor the Ford Motor firm Fund has detailed funding to any kind of campaign come “defund the police.” Rather, through an innovation and innovation, Ford will continue to pat a positive role in promoting more safety and also accountability in policing and produce even safer police vehicles. Ford will proceed to work carefully with local and also state police associations across the nation on hopeful solutions.

Original Story:

Ford Motors has long organized a stronghold ~ above American Police Cars.

With a industry share that 65%, Ford is the king once it comes to providing moving offices because that America’s heroes however in an odd alliance with Black lives Matter and also the Defund Police Movement, the Ford structure is stepping into pretty weird territory.

According come the national Pulse, the Ford foundation “is proud taking part in the Defund the Police movement.”

“….the Ford foundation is proud to assistance a number of courageous individuals and also organizations in the throes of this fight, increasing their voices and risking their lives to safeguard the rights of communities of color, need an finish to oppressive policing and greater invest in communities of color, and call on the country to uphold its values and deliver justice because that all. They space fearless warriors because that equality and also justice who space tackling the worries of systemic racism and also the unaccountable policing responsible for George Floyd’s death. Already, we’ve watched our grantees at the forefront of the readjust that’s taken place over the last few days—from the City council of Minneapolis’s pledge come dismantle the police department to reimagine public safety, to Mayor Garcetti’s commitment come divest $250 million of the LAPD’s spending plan to support influenced communities, come Minneapolis and also Portland, Oregon poll to end the presence of police in their schools.”


Founded in 1936 by Edsel Ford, the Ford structure is among the country’s most well-known charitable organizations. In 2019, the handed out $500 million in sponsor to promote a “just, fair, and also peaceful people with opportunity for all.”

But now, because that the first time because 1976, a member of the Ford Motors dynasty sits on the board of the Foundation. 

Henry “Sonny” Ford, joined the Foundation’s board of Trustees in February the 2019 to aid drive that is “racial injustice” agenda. Ford is the director of Investor relationships for Ford engine Company.


In one interview v a Ford Representative, if Ford is on the Foundation’s Board, the alone does no decide what institutions are funded.

“The deaths the George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, Tony McDade and Sean Reed are the result of one ugly, painful tradition of systemic racism and violence at the love of the American story. It’s a story that starts with the genocide of aboriginal peoples and also continued v the enslavement of african people, whose free labor developed the riches of numerous white Americans.”

According come the nationwide Pulse, since 2016, Ford structure has given about $7.8 million to Black stays Matters and also other comparable groups with a partnership v Borealis Philanthropy. These groups are the public challenge of the Defund the Police movement.

And that movement was developed from a team seeded by the foundation back in 2015 called Black Youth project 100 (BYP100) in ~ the college of Chicago. Your mission to be to “Disband, Disarm, Disempower” the police.

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Since the group’s founding, the Ford foundation has given them $3.1 million. BYP100 currently serves as main command – recruiting protesters, providing professional protester training, and also coordinating protests in cities across the U.S.

Mr. Ford might not have to look much to check out the results of what the Ford structure has been funding. In his hometown that Detroit, killing is up 25 percent due to the fact that last year and there have been 271 non-fatal shootings – increase 30 percent, according to deadline Detroit.