given the Ford Mustang’s success throughout the 1960s, an independent designer called Robert Cumberford dreamed up a terminal wagon variant. While providing the Mustang a long roof seems prefer a strange idea; Ford considered transforming it right into a sedan or a pickup truck. While none of this variants ever made it right into production, the wagon might’ve been the ideal one.

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According to Hagerty, the Falcon-based muscle vehicle carried a ton of weight on its front end, making that sketchy to drive at times. Together a result, a couple of extra pounds in the behind could’ve made a huge impact.

Did Ford do a Mustang terminal wagon?


Ford Mustang station Wagon | Gerry Stiles/The Enthusiast Network via Getty Images/Getty Images

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Once Cumberford completed the project, he took the Ford Mustang station wagon and also showed it come the American carmaker. Unfortunately, the carmaker wanted no part of this unexplained variant. Prefer the sedan and pickup van concepts, the terminal wagon didn’t make it previous the concept stage.

Despite this, Hagerty reports that Cumberford still wanted to press on through his creation. Unfortunately, no one showed interest in this Italian-built terminal wagon. However, it seems the market still wanted this long-roof variant.

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That’s because Hagerty reports that a California-based company decided to build and sell the switch kit. That was called the Hobo, and also it is the automobile shown in the images installed above. The kit cost approximately $595 back in the day and also would just worth a convertible different of the muscle car.

Cumberford ultimately sold the terminal wagon concept, only for it come seemingly vanish. Together of writing, no one knows wherein it right now is.

Which Ford Mustang is the rarest?

Ford Mustang station Wagon | Gerry Stiles/The Enthusiast Network via Getty Images/Getty Images

Since there is simply one coach-built Ford Mustang terminal wagon, it could be among the rarest version of the muscle automobile ever built. However, throughout that same time in the 1960s, Ford i was delegated a one-off version of the Mustang built and also designed through Italian coachbuilder Bertone.

While the Bertone Mustang served as a component of a marketing campaign, it is likewise one the a kind. Additionally, choose the station wagon, the remains absent today.