Andrew Napolitano is out together a contributor at Fox News together he encounters allegations of sex-related harassment contained in a sue against the network filed Monday.

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Napolitano, formerly a height legal analyst at the network, "sexually harassed numerous young male employees throughout his tenure in ~ Fox News," according a lawsuit filed by Fox company production assistant John Fawcett.

Fawcett, 27, alleges that during a 2019 interaction in an elevator in ~ Fox News headquarters, Napolitano stood "awkwardly close" to him and also began stroking his arm. Napolitano told Fawcett he can come visit him on his steed farm in brand-new Jersey and also "suggestively" said his hand "get really dirty," according to the lawsuit.


Napolitano walk not immediately respond come a inquiry for comment.

The lawsuit alleges the top executives at Fox News to be made mindful of Napolitano"s conduct but failed to act, an assertion the network denied in a explain confirming Napolitano is no much longer with the company.

"Upon very first learning of man Fawcett’s allegations against Judge Andrew Napolitano

Andrew Peter NapolitanoAndrew Napolitano the end at Fox News amid allegations of harassment Fox"s Napolitano claims grand jury erred in Taylor case: "I would have indicted all 3 of them" Fox"s Napolitano: supreme Court check hearings will be "World battle III of political battles" MORE, FOX News Media instantly investigated the claims and also addressed the issue with both parties," Fox said in a declare Monday. "The network and also Judge Napolitano have since parted ways."

"Fox News takes all allegations the misconduct seriously," the firm said, adding the it is "committed to giving a safe, transparent, and collaborative workplace atmosphere for every our employees and also took immediate, suitable action" in Napolitano"s case.

Last fall, Napolitano was accused of sex-related misconduct by a southern Carolina resident, Charles Corbishley, who alleged the judge required him to perform dental sex on the in Hackensack, N.J., in the late 1980s.

Those allegations to be made as component of a court filing in a different lawsuit filed by James Kruzelnick, that alleged the Napolitano sexually struck him while he working as a waiter at two restaurants in Sussex County, N.J., in recent years, reported.

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Tom Clare, Napolitano’s attorney, denied Kruzelnick"s insurance claims last fall.