This Oct. 22, 2018 photograph released by NBC reflects Megyn Kelly top top the set of her display "Megyn Kelly Today," in new York. NBC announced on Friday, Oct. 26, the "Megyn Kelly Today" will certainly not return. (Nathan Congleton/NBC via AP)
This Oct. 22, 2018 photograph released by NBC shows Megyn Kelly top top the collection of her present "Megyn Kelly Today," in new York. NBC announced top top Friday, Oct. 26, the "Megyn Kelly Today" will certainly not return. (Nathan Congleton/NBC via AP)

NEW YORK (AP) — Megyn Kelly, the former Fox News Channel personality that made a rocky transition to softer news at NBC, was fired from her morning show Friday after triggering a furor by arguing it to be OK because that white human being to wear blackface in ~ Halloween.

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″‘Megyn Kelly Today’ is no returning,” NBC News stated in a statement. The present occupied the 4th hour that NBC’s “Today” program, a time slot that will be held by various other co-anchors following week, the network said.

NBC didn’t address Kelly’s future in ~ the network. However negotiations end her leave from NBC room underway, follow to a person acquainted with the talks that wasn’t authorized to comment on the matter publicly and also spoke on condition of anonymity.

Bryan Freedman, an attorney for Kelly, claimed in a statement the she “remains an employee the NBC News and also discussions around next measures are continuing.” the did not elaborate.

Kelly is in the 2nd year the a three-year contract that apparently pays her more than $20 million a year.

The show’s cancellation came 4 days after ~ she provoked a firestorm for she on-air comments about blackface together a costume.

“But what is racist?” Kelly said Tuesday. “Truly, you do gain in trouble if you room a white human who place on blackface at Halloween or a black human being who place on whiteface because that Halloween. Ago when ns was a kid, the was OK, as long as you were dressing up as, like, a character.”

Critics accused her of skipping the ugly history of minstrel shows and movies in i beg your pardon whites used blackface to mock blacks together lazy, ignorant or cowardly.

Kelly apologized to other NBC staffers later in the day and made a tearful apology on her present Wednesday. She did not host new episodes that “Megyn Kelly Today” as booked on Thursday and also Friday.

Kelly, 47, made she debut together a NBC morning organize in September 2017, taking over the 9 a.m. Slot in ~ “Today” and saying she want viewers “to have actually a laugh with us, a smile, periodically a tear and also maybe a little hope to begin your day.” She did food preparation demonstrations and also explored emotional topics.

She mainly floundered with that soft-news focus, and also a pair the awkward and also hostile interviews with Hollywood figures Jane Fonda and Debra Messing backfired. Kelly briefly found much more of a objective with the eruption of the #MeToo movement.

She do news when interviewing women that accused president Donald trump card of inappropriate behavior and also spoke through accusers that Harvey Weinstein, bill O’Reilly, Roy Moore and others, as well as women that say they were harassed ~ above Capitol Hill.

Time magazine, i beg your pardon honored “The quiet Breakers” as its person of the Year, cited Kelly as the group’s leader in the entertain field. The episode through Trump accusers had much more than 2.9 million viewers, one of her best audiences.

But strains continued behind the scenes. Kelly last month publicly referred to as for NBC News Chairman Andrew lack to appoint exterior investigators to look into why the network no air Ronan Farrow’s stories around Weinstein and enabled Farrow to take it the product to The new Yorker.

And she ratings have been consistently down native what “Today” garnered in the 9 a.m. Hour prior to Kelly came on board. In its an initial year, Kelly’s show averaged 2.4 million viewers a day, a drop of 400,000 from the year before.

The latest debate may have tipped the balance. Both NBC’s “Nightly News” and also “Today” did stories on her blackface comment, and also weatherman Al Roker said Kelly “owes a big apology to people of color across the country.”

A previous corporate defense attorney, Kelly made her surname at Fox News pointing out politics in element time. During the an initial GOP controversy in 2015, she asked Trump around calling females “fat pigs, dogs, slobs, and disgusting animals.” Trump later on complained about her questions, saying, “You could see there was blood coming the end of she eyes. Blood coming the end of her wherever.”

Although Kelly may have attempted a fresh start at NBC, she couldn’t always escape her baggage.

Many the her previous Fox News Channel viewers were upset by her regarded disloyalty in leaving and her clashes v Trump throughout the campaign. At the very same time, her former association with Fox led to some NBC colleagues and viewers to regard her v suspicion.

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While in ~ Fox, Kelly cultivated a reputation for toughness and also a willingness to difficulty conservative orthodoxy. Her private testimony about former Fox News cook executive i get it Ailes’ undesirable sexual advancements a decade ago helped cause Ailes’ firing.

She additionally created controversy with her stance on race. In 2013, when an anchor in ~ Fox, Kelly handle the ethnicity that Santa Claus by saying: “For every you children watching in ~ home, Santa simply is white.”