The news anchor was a frequent target the the president’s ire because of his penchant for calling B.S. Top top his own network’s pro-Trump spin.

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Fox News anchor Shepard Smith, a frequent target of president Trump’s attacks, is stepping under after clashing with few of the network’s primetime stars.

“Recently ns asked the firm to permit me to leaving FOX News and also begin a brand-new chapter. ~ requesting that ns stay, castle graciously obliged. The opportunities afforded this guy from little town Mississippi have actually been many,” Smith claimed in a statement.

“It’s to be an honor and also a privilege come report the news every day to our faithful audience in context and also with perspective, without are afraid or favor. I’ve worked with the most talented, devoted and focused specialists I know and also I’m proud to have actually anchored their work each day—I will certainly deeply miss them.”

A Fox insider called The everyday Beast that Smith was sick the being assaulted by his primetime colleagues and also asked for a way out that his contract. An initiative was made come appease him, the insider said, but he ultimately decided to leave Fox behind.

A source close to Fox News monitoring said the thinking amongst network brass was the the rewarding evening ratings outweighed the need to keep smith happy while paying him $15 million a year because that his daytime role that walk not lug in as plenty of viewers.

Smith was among Fox’s very first hires top top launching in 1996 and he came to be the network’s signature daytime newsman, regularly acting as the anchor to go into other broadcasts to helm coverage of break news choose the 2015 Paris attacks and also the 2014 riots in Ferguson, Missouri.

“Even in our right now polarized nation, it’s my hope the the facts will certainly win the day,” Smith stated as that signed turn off his last broadcast. “That the reality will constantly matter, the journalism and journalists will certainly thrive.”

In a statement, Jay Wallace, president and executive editor the Fox News Media, said, “Shep is among the premier newscasters of his generation and also his extraordinary body of occupational is among the ideal journalism in the industry.” he added: “While now is especially an overwhelming as his previous producer, we respect his decision and also are deeply thankful for his tremendous contributions to the entire network.”

Throughout the trump era, Smith took on a “rogue” function at the network together Fox News came to be overtly pro-Trump in that commentary and news coverage. In plenty of instances, as documented by The daily Beast, Smith also fact-checked the right-wing conspiratorial musings the his very own colleagues, resulting in not-so-subtle sparring through Fox stars favor Sean Hannity.

As a result, Smith has actually prompted backlash from the president and also many of the network’s viewers, that overwhelmingly tune in come the channel’s conservative programming.

Trump has actually repeatedly whined around the anchor top top Twitter, explain he changes the channel when Smith’s show—which broadcasts in the center of the workday—comes top top the air. “Watching Fake News CNN is better than city hall Shepard Smith, the shortest rated display on 

“The decision to leaving was Shep’s and also his alone—he will be acquisition an extended duration of time turn off to be v his family,” the anchor’s spokesman said later on Friday. “Following that–who knows–he is not retiring.”

A Fox insider scoffed in ~ reports the Smith’s departure deal will keep him off-air for 2 years and said the expects to have actually a new job within a year.

Earlier this month, blacksmith publicly clashed v Tucker Carlson, criticizing the Fox News primetime hold for failing to protect their colleague judge Andrew Napolitano once he was dubbed a “fool” through a guest ~ above Carlson’s show.

Vanity Fair’s Gabe Sherman reported number of days later on that Fox News CEO Suzanne Scott and also network chairman Jay Wallace allegedly conveyed come Smith that if that did not avoid attacking Carlson, he would be off the network. “At no time go anyone—including anyone in management or a 3rd party—speak come Shepard Smith about this matter,” a Fox News spokesperson said. “Anything to the contrary is totally false and wildly inaccurate.”

In addition to his function as the network’s consummate newsman and fact-checker, Smith cultivated a reputation for moving unfiltered, decidedly un-Fox-like on-air banter. “We room America! We do not fucking torture!” he once shouted during a 2009 digital show.

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Publicly and privately, some of Smith’s Fox News colleagues reaction with shock at his departure.

“Like you, ns a small stunned and a tiny heartbroken,” stated Neil Cavuto, another target that Trump’s ire, at the opened of his broadcast, which automatically followed Smith’s sign-off. “It to be a complete shock today to find out he’s leaving,” other news anchor Bret Baier tweeted. “He anchored breaking news—fast-moving events—better 보다 anyone.”

“There’s no room because that news right here anymore,” a Fox News staffer told The day-to-day Beast, speaking anonymously for fear of reprisal.

A Fox News spokesperson fired back at the anonymous staffer, saying, “tell that to Jennifer Griffin whose report simply went famous this week. Or kris Wallace, Bret Baier, invoice Hemmer or Catherine Herridge who have actually all done superior journalism.”