nation music entertainer Garth Brooks" ex-wife is a fascinating individual! acquire to know her much better through this Sandy Mahl facts.

Country music icon Garth Brooks married his university sweetheart Sandy Mahl on may 24, 1986 in Oklahoma. After ~ finding success in Nashville and building a legend music career, the couple parted ways in 1999 and also finalized your divorce in December 2001 after ~ 15 years of marriage. Watch the video clip below for a quick visual journey overview to Garth Brooks and also Sandy Mahl’s relationship!

Sandy Mahl and Garth Brooks’ Marriage journey Video

Let’s take it a step back and learn more about the first Mrs. Brooks through this arsenal of Sandy Mahl facts!

15 Sandy Mahl Facts

1) Sandy Mahl made a memorable an initial impression ~ above Garth Brooks.

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While working together a bouncer in ~ the Tumbleweed Ballroom in Stillwater, Oklahoma during his senior year that college, Brooks had to rest up a fight in the women’s restroom— and that’s exactly how he met his future wife. Sandy had gained into an debate with an additional woman, take it a swing— and also got her fist grounding in the wall’s wood paneling. Sandy Mahl reported that the two very first met top top the run floor the Tumbleweed Ballroom together Garth was renowned as a smooth dancer.

2) In 1987, Sandy take it a leap that faith and also left Oklahoma to help support Garth’s budding career in Nashville.

It the following video clip clip you have the right to see Garth Brooks thanking Sandy because that her support as he welcomed the height Male Vocalist award at the 1992 ACM Awards.

3) Sandy is a credited songwriter too.

Sandy Mahl is a credited song writer on “I’ve gained a great Thing Going” indigenous Brooks’ self-titled debut album, and his 1993 hit “That Summer.”

4) favor Brooks, Mahl additionally attended Oklahoma State University–Stillwater. 

They resided in neighboring dorms and also spent their very first dates walking roughly campus.

5) Sandy received a report $125 million in the divorce settlement.

6) Mahl has never remarried after ~ divorcing Brooks in 2001.

7) Sandy is the mom of Garth Brooks’ just children— three daughters Taylor Brooks, respectable Brooks, and Allie Brooks. 

Taylor Mayne Pearl (born in 1992), august Anna (born in 1994), and Allie Colleen (born in 1996).

8) Sandy is passionate about wildlife rehabilitation and co-founded Wild heart Ranch in Rogers County, Oklahoma. (Pictured left.)

photo: c/o Wild love Ranch Website
9) Sandy is a breast cancer survivor after being diagnosed in 2006. 

10) Mahl to be born in 1965 in ~ the same hospital wherein Garth Brooks had actually been born nearly three year prior.

Sandy to be born in Tulsa, Oklahoma.11) choose Brooks, she was an avid high school athlete. 

Sandy ran track, to be a cheerleader, and played basketball.

12) She shares Garth’s love for breakfast cereal, sweets, and Coca-Cola.

13) The first movie castle saw together as a couple was the 1984 sci-fi romantic movie Starman starring Jeff Bridges.

14) Sandy was when kidnapped in ~ gunpoint. 

In 2006, a male who functioned on Mahl’s Oklahoma residential property kidnapped she while trying come evade a bail bondsmen. After being forced to drive for several miles, she stopped the car and fled into a convenience store. Thankfully, Sandy to be unharmed and also the man was arrested.

15)  Sandy Mahl to be born January 16, 1965.

16)  Sandy Mahl’s family. she father is man Mahl and her mom is pat Mahl. She has actually a sister called Debbie Mahl.

17)  Sandy’s zodiac sign: Capricorn

18) Sandy showed up in Garth’s A&E 2019 documentary, Garth: The road I’m On.

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“Sandy’s sitting there talking, and Sandy’s saying things that ns was means to busy to hear when we to be married. Yet she’s speak it ~ above here, so i learned a lot. What her time was. In our world you have sound check and the show. Sound check was she time, and she talks around sound check. And, ns don’t recognize where they uncovered the clip of sound check with the babies slide up and down the north pod and also stuff. It’s really cool, and this time i heard it. For this reason it simply makes me love and also respect she more. And, ns gotta phone call you, I never wish divorce top top anybody, but three kids and also three parents cleared up really, yes, really well,” Brooks shared in 2019 while on The Talk.