The Sun Will Rise And We Will Try Again

“The worst thing in the world can happen, but the next day the sun will come up. And you will eat your toast. Và you will drink your tea.” -Rhian Ellis, After Life


When I read Ellis’s quotes from her book “After Life”, I was so awestruck. Her words surprisingly brought a light when I was at my low point in life. & when I have bad moments, I keep reminding myself of her quotes. At a first glance, her quotes doesn’t seem khổng lồ have such a great meaning, but if we take time & ponder upon it, we may find a great wisdom behind it. I’d like to have a say on her quotes. It simply means that when we struck by adversities of life, even if it feels like the worst thing in the world, & we just feel like it is the over of the world, it is not. Humans have a tendency khổng lồ focus too much on their problem rather than find a solution for it. Sometimes we are too caught up in the chaos of our life that we forget the world is still here. It isn’t go away. Life still goes on. The sun still rises. Well, our problems may haven’t been solved yet, but hey “life goes on, darling”. Even if you felt lượt thích drowning, life still goes on.

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If you failed to accomplish your goals, life still goes on. If you lost people you love, life still goes on. There are more uncountable ifs follows by words “life still goes on”. What does it mean? So what, if life goes on? It means that there’s still tomorrow, & the day after tomorrow, and the day after the day after tomorrow, that we gọi a future.

We should start lớn see a new day as an opportunity to be a better person than we were yesterday, và to fix our mistakes no matter how big they are, because there’s still tomorrow, right? You can be sad & weep for a little while, or regret your wrong decision in life, but don’t spend too much time dwelling in your sorrow, because you can always make it alright tomorrow. As long as the sun still comes up tomorrow, you can always have the opportunity to make your life the way you’ve always wanted it to be. You have khổng lồ try khổng lồ be optimistic, accept your flaws và then try each day khổng lồ break it.

Ellis’ quotes have a kind of magnetic force that drives me lớn be an optimist. Added with words “and you will eat your toast, & you will drink your tea”, it makes my heart warm. I often feel like I haven’t achieved much in my life. I feel like a complete mediocre person. I often ask to lớn myself “when will my time for greatness come?” or “why am I bad at this thing, that thing, & blah blah blah”, the danh sách can goes on & on. But Ellis’ quotes reminds me that those times will come. Those joyful and elated feelings will come, when tomorrow comes. I’d lượt thích to refer “toast” & “tea” as happiness. So, if I put the meaning of the quotes together, it will be “the worst thing in the world can happen, but you still have tomorrows, therefore you can find happiness”. Oh dear, how sweet it is.